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5 Simple Ways to Organise Your Bathroom Effectively


14th May 2020 Home & Garden

5 Simple Ways to Organise Your Bathroom Effectively

Stop living in clutter and organise your bathroom to get a stress-free morning and a neater, cleaner space.

After you've finished renovating your bathroom, you be delighted with its aesthetics, but still feel it could do with some organisation. That’s perfectly ok! It takes a little time and effort to arrange your bathroom in an orderly way, but you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run. The good news is, we have some have some handy hints for you to get started.

Ensure the counter and basin is free from clutter

It’s easy for the basin and counter to become a bit of a warzone if you’re not careful! Used coffee cups, old toothpaste tubes, and all sorts of combs, razors, and hairspray bottles end up lying around unless you keep a strict “only important items allowed” policy when it comes to your counter or basin. Unless you’re lucky enough to already have tonnes of storage space, it’s well worth a separate cupboard or chest of drawers. Also remember, the little details really help: store your toothbrushes in a cup, buy a soap dispenser that can be screwed into the wall, and place any item back where it came from after you’ve finished using it.

Trays and drawer dividers

To keep things where they’re supposed to be, use trays whenever possible. Either store them on a shelf or inside a cupboard, but use one for hair products, one for shaving items, one for cleaning products, etc. Make sure you label all these as well, so that other family members know where things are going! Dividers also help to reduce clutter when pulling open drawers, as things can fly about when you’re using bathroom items every day. It’ll make things so much easier to find! You can also use hooks and holders on the inside of cabinet doors for extra storage space.

Hidden space ideas

Mirror cabinets are king! This two-in-one storage device/reflective surface has been a staple in bathrooms for many years, but there are still many people who don’t use them. The cabinet mirror can be used to store some medicine or harmful items that you don’t like young children to get near. Furthermore, another great hidden spot is the in-shower recess, or shower niche, which is a useful little spot in the wall to place shampoo and body wash. If you’re still looking to update your shower area, then this is the perfect time to install a shower niche and get a great storage spot.

Don’t forget the étagère

When you really wish to keep clutter at bay yet still organise your bathroom items in a clean and effective manner, then make sure you’ve got an étagère. This is basically just a fancy word for a set of shelves, but no matter what you call it, it’s still a fantastic and stylish way to store extra towels, spare styling products, or whatever else you might need on-hand. One trendy way to store towels is a wooden ladder, as this looks chic and a bit unusual.

Include a laundry basket

Many people have a laundry basket or hamper in their bedrooms, but including one in the bathroom also helps to minimise clutter. Used towels, sweaty gym gear, or PJs can be strewn around the room, but a laundry basket helps to hide these items until it’s time for the washing machine.

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