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Great Organisation Ideas For Small Spaces


1st Jan 2015 Home & Garden

Great Organisation Ideas For Small Spaces

Follow these ideas and maximise the space in your small home.

Small spaces in the home may well leave you short of storage ideas, but they certainly won't leave you short of challenges. Combining both style and function can be difficult without making your home look cluttered, but there are plenty of clever tips to ensure that you can get the most out of your home, and ensure that clutter is kept to a minimum.


Take every opportunity

The key to maximising the potential of a small home is to ensure that all available space is used to its best advantage. The bed, for example, is a piece of furniture that will often waste space: divan beds can be replaced with higher options, either with a built-in storage solution or with the potential to add your own, segmented storage options to give you space that is out of sight.


From Floor to Ceiling


Many of those who live in small homes do not take advantage of the full height of their rooms, instead choosing storage units that do not reach the ceiling. By choosing taller units with plenty of height, you will find it far easier to reduce clutter in your home.


Shelve it

Shelving shouldn't just be for books, though - it can also prove beneficial in other rooms too. Small bathrooms can often look untidy due to a lack of storage, but simple shelving units above the toilet can make the most of dead space and give you somewhere to store towels, toiletries and other important items in style.


Tailor Made Spaces

If your living space is constrained by architectural features such as eaves or uneven ceilings, consider investing in tailor-made, built-in cupboards and wardrobes to compensate. While this may seem like an unnecessary expense, it will not only enable you to truly make the most of your available space, but may also help to make the room in question look bigger too.


Clever Kitchen

Storage space often comes at a premium in kitchens too, especially when working with narrow galley kitchens. In cases such as these, the use of hooks is a nifty way to keep your utensils and other kitchen equipment well organised without the need to resort to over-filling your cupboards. A hooked utensil rack above your hob places utensils within easy reach, while a similar tactic can also be employed for those hard-to-store pots and pans.


Even doors…

Even when you think you've exhausted all possibilities when it comes to additional storage areas, you'll still always be able to find more. If you haven't considered using the backs of the doors in your home, now is the time to start - you'll find plenty of wire storage solutions that simply hook over the tops of your doors (either those separating rooms or those fronting existing cupboards) and which will furnish you with yet another way of keeping your possessions safely stored away.

While living in a home that is not the largest may present some organisational problems, a little creative thinking can soon ensure that your house really is a home.

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