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Unusual and fantastic ideas for small spare rooms


1st Jan 2015 Home & Garden

Unusual and fantastic ideas for small spare rooms

If you have a spare room that's too small to use as a guest room, that doesn't mean it needs to sit empty, unloved and full of boxes. Here are a few excellent uses for that tiny space.

Reading Nook


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With some shelves and some nicely fitted comfortable furnishings, you could turn your small spare room into a secretive reading nook. Shut the door and lock yourself away from the world to spend time with your favourite characters in blissful silence.

If you have a large window in your spare room, add a window seat for true reading luxury.

For the best reading nook possible you can even conceal the door into the room, making you feel like you have a magical secret. Because everyone needs a secret door. 


Meditation/yoga room

If reading isn't your thing but you still love to relax, you could turn your spare room into a yoga or meditation room. Paint it in neutral relaxing colours, add a plain wood floor. Make it uncluttered, but calming. Maybe even include some electric essential oil vaporisers to help you get into the right meditative mental state. Yet another way to turn wasted space into a comforting retreat from the stress of the world.


Craft Room


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Plenty of people in the world have rediscovered the joy and satisfaction that comes from making things with your own hands. Maybe you've taken up knitting or crochet, or learned woodworking? Maybe you love making your own clothes by hand with only your trusty sewing machine by your side? Maybe you paint? Whatever it is, you could turn your spare room into a room dedicated to your craft. Imagine, drawers and shelves full of your materials, and a sturdy, attractive table for you to work out. Your pattern books or schematics are all within easy reach - and you have an internet connection, too, to look things up if you find something you can't do.


Walk-in wardrobe

If you're the fashionable sort, you might not want a reading room or a craft room. You might simply need more space for all your incredible clothes. Well, your spare room can become that space with only a little effort. All it needs are some shelves up the side to store your shoes and your more fragile things, and a circular rail in the centre to showcase all the clothes that can be hung up. The advantages? You can pick out what you want to wear with ease, and easily see when things need to be replaced with something newer and fresher.

And you get to spend every morning feeling like a rich celebrity, too. 


Garden Room

Admittedly, this requires that your spare room have some specific details - like a large window that lets in a lot of light throughout the day. But, if you don't have a garden yet love to grow things, you could turn your spare room into a home for plants. Layout would be an essential consideration - all the plants would need to be getting the right amount of sun - but careful placement of benches and planters could ensure this. And, with some effort and expertise, your spare room could be a beautiful green and growing place.

Hopefully this article has inspired you to make the most of your unused space.

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