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11 Unusual gardening gifts for her

11 Unusual gardening gifts for her

Need a gardening gift for her? These unusual gardening gifts will delight anyone with a green thumb, whether it’s your mum, friend, partner or sister

These bee-friendly Flower Seed Bomb Bon Bons, £17.95

Seed bomb bon bons in cardboard box

We can all play our part in making our gardens more wildlife-friendly, particularly by planting wildflower beds. With meadow gardens becoming more popular, these wildflower seed bombs are perfect for the new natural garden trend.

Potential crops include: nigella, poppy, cornflower and cosmos.

Encouraging review: 

Bought as a gift for my mum, she loved them.

These pretty William Morris At Home Dove & Rose Gardener Gift Gardening Gloves Set with Daily Hand Cream, £23.50

William Morris Strawberry Thief print gardening gloves and moisturiser cream

Who says you can’t bring glamour into the garden? These beautiful gardening gloves come adorned with William Morris’s iconic Strawberry Thief print—though hopefully you’ll have fewer birds stealing fruits from your patch than Morris did.

Also thrown in is a vegan and cruelty-free hand cream, so you can maintain supple hands after a hard day’s digging and planting. 

Encouraging review: 

I bought this gift for a keen gardener and she was very pleased. The gloves are sturdy and adjustable—proper gardening gloves.

These zany Plant Theatre Funky Vegetable Seeds, £15.59

Funky Veg growing kit with picture of purple carrot on kit box

For the kitchen gardener or allotment owner in your life, these funky vegetable seeds will add a splash of colour to this year’s harvest.

Includes seeds for purple carrots, golden zucchini, rubine brussel sprouts, tigerella striped tomatoes and rainbow chard, plus all the growing pots, markers and peat blocks you’ll need to get growing.

Encouraging review:

I was given the Funky Veg set as a gift and everything grew beautifully. Only thing in hindsight I should not have planted all the seeds at once, as had so many tomato plants I was overrun. But enjoyed it so much have bought another one as a gift for my son.

This fun Queen of the Garden watering can coffee mug, £10.99

Queen of the Garden watering can shaped mug

Help your star gardener to flaunt their green thumb with this novelty watering can mug. At once silly and sturdy, this cup is perfect for keeping a brewing tea handy in the garden—plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

Encouraging review:

This made a lovely quirky gift. This was advertised as a second but it had the tiniest of marks on it which you wouldn’t even notice

This fragrant Chocolate Love Grow Me kit, £3.99

Chocolate Love plant growing kit

Flowers might win out over chocolates for your busy gardener, but you can still combine them into an even more thoughtful gift with this grow kit. Plant these seeds into the included coconut husk pots to bring forth chocolate-scented saplings.

Encouraging review:

It was a perfect gift! Smells like chocolate and comes in a really cute packaging. Easy because instructions are very clear. If you love plants and chocolates it’s definitely for you!

This stylish Oxford Cloth Gardening Apron, £16.00

Oxford Garden Apron with pockets for tools

Made out of super durable Oxford cloth, this gorgeous gardening apron will keep your gardener friend clean and organised while they’re out in the dirt. The fabric is breathable and waterproof, and comes with adjustable straps for extra comfort. 

Encouraging review:

I love this garden apron. Suits my needs perfectly. I can have all my small gardening tools with me and my phone in the pockets, ideal for pottering round the garden. It's great also for when I'm potting on plants or cuttings. No more shaking soil out of my jumper. It's simple to wipe down and keep clean too.

These quirky EYLM Solar Watering Can String Lights, £24.99

Solar powered watering can light hanging in dark garden

Spend more time admiring your gardener’s handiwork with these stunning and sustainable solar-powered watering can lights. Each can charges during the day, then switches on automatically when it gets dark.

The string lights cast a lovely pool of light, and look just like luminescent water trickling over your plant beds.

Encouraging review:

Love the fact it lights the garden up beautifully at dusk. Joy to behold.

This retro-style Roylvan Solar Sun & Moon Wind Chime, £23.99

Sun and moon wind chime hands from garden decking looking out over sunny ocean

The sun and moon decor gives this wind chime a classic antique look, which looks especially lovely in the evening, when it uses its solar power charge to light up. Hang this by your patio or decking to enjoy its soft glow in your garden, as well as the gentle chimes in the breeze. 

Encouraging review: 

Love the gentle tinkle at night and the pretty stars on our decking. Will be getting another one. So beautiful and well made.

This handy Walensee Stand-up Weed Puller, £26.50

Mum sits in garden with child and stand up weed puller

Not all of us can spend long hours knelt in the soil pulling up weeds, especially as we get older. If your star gardener has knee complaints, this stand-up weed puller is an essential tool that will help them spend more time in the garden—and defeat those unwelcome visitors in your flower bed.

Encouraging review:

Great tool especially for those that can't kneel down to weed. Gets most weed roots, not always the very long dandelions. Don't need to handle the weeds as can be ejected straight into the bucket. It does take quite a clump of soil out of the lawn. Overall I wouldn't be without it now.

This essential Grenebo Nine Piece Gardening Tools Kit, £35.99

Gardening gift for her, garden tools in pretty tote bag sat on garden lawn

Make sure your gardener is well-equipped with this comprehensive gardening tools kit. Each tool is made out of long lasting stainless steel, with non-slip handles to make digging, planting and pruning easier on the hands.

The kit comes with a pretty gardening tote bag too, which can be used both for storage and to carry tools about the garden. 

Encouraging review:

Lovely sturdy bag. Tools were of a good quality. Recipient was absolutely delighted.

This eco-friendly Paper Pot Maker Gardening Set, £13.95

Biodegradable paper plant pot maker kit

This nifty kit helps you to make biodegradable plant pots out of paper, which will help you reduce plastic in your garden. This kit is endlessly convenient—no need to buy new plant pots, find somewhere to store them, or to fiddle around with your plants’ roots any more when you replant them.

Encouraging review:

I got this for my mum for her birthday. She thought it was fantastic!! Especially not having to mess around transferring them from pots! I had a go at making some of the paper pots too and they are simple and easy to make.

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This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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