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10 Amazing vegan beauty brands on the market right now

10 Amazing vegan beauty brands on the market right now
These days, there are plenty of incredible vegan beauty brands on the market, and there has never been a better time to update your beauty routine
With so many exciting brands popping up left, right and centre in the vegan space, non-vegan brands are facing some tough competition. Many of these names have focused on, and often pioneered, top performing formulations, which don’t compromise on quality or ethics—and which don’t come with a hefty price tag, either.
"With so many exciting brands popping up in the vegan space, non-vegan brands are facing some tough competition"
However, vegan beauty isn’t always that clear cut. Some brands will say that they use plant-based ingredients, are animal-friendly, or are vegan conscious, but that doesn’t mean that they are a completely vegan brand.
For brands that are truly vegan, and create products as incredible as they are ethical, keep reading—you’ll have a Leaping Bunny friendly bathroom shelf in no time at all.


With every product formulated and manufactured in Pai's London HQ, you can be sure that their products are crafted with love, and knowledge. Each ethical and sustainable product is packed with goodness.
A multi-tasking oil that helps to tackle dry patches, blemishes, dullness and redness, and fine lines. Just a few drops help to really nourish the face, for a silky glow.


Not only are e.l.f. vegan, they sometimes partner up with animal charities to donate a portion of sales. The affordable range gives beauty lovers an accessible way of having a makeup bag full of efficacious products, whilst always keeping up with trends.
This gel-based primer helps to keep the skin hydrated, with added hyaluronic acid, and secures makeup for all-day wear.


Created by makeup pro Jamie Genevieve, VIEVE was born from her love of the positive impact that makeup can have. The high-performance line feels luxe, and each product is incredibly smart. Launched only two years ago, the brand products pack a punch with multi-tasking palettes, dazzling eyeshadows and rich, nude lipsticks.
The only multi-face palette worth having, in our humble opinion. To create chiselled cheeks and a stunning glow, these four complexion-enhancing powders are a dream.

Rare Beauty

There are countless celebrity beauty brands out there, and many are sadly not worth the hype. Rare Beauty, Selena Gomez's brand, is different from others. Dreamy cutting edge formulas and multi-tasking products have ensured many of the products sell out time and time again.
For a naturally flushed, healthy glow that lasts all day, this liquid blush is a must-have.


Hourglass is at the top of the beauty game when it comes to brands redefining luxury cosmetics. With cutting-edge formulas and covetable packaging, Hourglass products allow the wearer to be lazy in terms of application, and still turn heads.
A three-in-one hybrid lip product that hydrates, plumps and delivers a glossy high shine. Each of the eight shades has a full-bodied colour for the most kissable lips.

Isle of Paradise

Isle of Paradise are all about customising your own tan. With inclusivity and positivity at the forefront of the brand, even the packaging is full of joy. The colour-correcting products are wonderful for creating the dreamiest of glows.
These clever little drops are all about adding the amount of colour you want, to your own moisturiser—it’s as simple as that.

Floral Street

Floral Street's conscious fragrances are “powered by flowers”, with the brand focusing on their sustainable life cycle. Designed to help wearers create a fragrant wardrobe that reflects each part of their personality, with delicious scent options.
Feel as though you're being wrapped in a cosy, warm blanket with this gorgeous vanilla perfume. Mixed with cassis and jasmine, it's not too overpowering. 


Founded in a garage by two sisters, Spectrum has gone from a tiny family brand to a globally recognised makeup tool brand. They’ve partnered with Disney, Emily in Paris and many more names, to create incredible beauty tools at an attainable price point. Plus, they look amazing!
This award-winning essential set is a must-have for makeup lovers, and contains ten silky-soft bristled brushes, that will aid you in creating your perfect look, from start to finish.

Rose Inc

Perfect for those who love a natural look, Rose Inc’s products are all about ensuring high performance, working with clean ingredients, and ensuring sustainability.
You can trust this lipstick not to bleed and to keep your lips moisturised, even after hours of wear.

Rhyme & Reason

Each product from Rhyme & Reason’s results driven range is up to 97 per cent naturally derived, whilst being infused with scalp-loving ingredients. The brand’s long-term partnership with the 1% For The Planet initiative has made a water-tight commitment to support environmental causes such as The Galapagos Conservation Trust.
Nourish & Gloss is 92 per cent + naturally derived and has been formulated to deliver a healthy, glossy finish, perfect for all hair types.

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