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7 Crystal beauty products that actually work

7 Crystal beauty products that actually work

We tried seven of the hottest crystal beauty products on the market, to separate the rocks from the diamonds. 

1. Beauty Sleep Face Mist, Amly

£52 for 100ml

sleep mist

Presented in a gorgeous, Wes Anderson-esque pink box and heavy, chic bottle this stalwart of the Almy sleep range feels like a luxury from the moment you open it. 

Containing Rose Quartz powder which promises myriad benefits, from aiding sleep to reducing fine lines and lowering heart stress, misting this over your face and pillows before sleep promotes a sense of well-being and calm. 

As well as crystal benefits, the mist consists of snow algae, which increases collagen production, ylang-ylang to maintain the skins moisture balance and rock rose to regenerate skin cells. 

Did it work? Though the effects may have been more down to the ritual of the spray than the powers of the Rose Quartz powder, this sleep mist had us slumbering earlier and for longer. Not to mention waking up to the fresh, lingering scent of passion flower. 


2. Gua Sha, Odacité 

£40 for a single Gua Sha, serums from £32

gua sha odacite

Inspired by the Gua Shas of ancient Chinese medicine, this tool—available in Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine and Blue Sodalite—is used to massage the face and promote a smoothing and revitalising of the skin. 

Used in conjunction with one of Odacité's extensive library of oils and serums, the Gua Sha is something of a wonder. Simple to use, you can feel the benefits almost immediately, soothing and rejuvenating a tired face at the end of a long day. 

The Rose Quartz incarnation aims to open the heart chakra and promote feelings of love and wellbeing. The Green Aventurine claims to be conducive to prosperity and good luck. Meanwhile, the Blue Sodalite is best for anxiety, soothing tensions and fears. 

gua sha ancient crystal beauty

We'd recommend a visit to a Space NK store, where knowledgeable staff can talk you through the wide selection of serums, and discover the perfect blend for your particular needs. We were particularly impressed by the adaptability of the treatments to conform to even the strangest skin concerns. 

Did it work? Yes! After an in-store Gua Sha facial, we were left with glowing skin and feeling lighter and more energetic. Having continued the ritual at home, we've benefitted from the additional "me time" of the ritual, and skin looks firmer and less puffy. 


3. Collagen Microdermabrasion Scrub, Proto-col

20ml for £11.95

crystal beauty scrub that works

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then this scrub should have it all. Using crushed diamonds and pearls, the scrub gently polishes skin to remove dead cells and impurities and leave you with a glowing complexion. 

The texture is luxurious—indeed it's been described as akin to a "light souffle" —and it certainly does the job of smoothing and removing any roughness. After just one use, the skin on our face was notably softer to the touch, and after several, skin began to be clearer and free of spots or problem areas. As the diamonds and pearls do feel quite rough on the skin, we found it's best to limit use of this scrub to once or twice a week. 

Did it work? Yes, the crushed crystals really added to the potency of the scrub's effect. And natural stones are far better than the plastic microbeads so commonly found in similar scrubs for the health of our oceans


4. Haloscope highlighter, Glossier

5.5g for £18

best crystal highlighter

This highlighting stick offers the most natural glowy highlight we've ever encountered. Enhanced with real Rose Quartz or Golden Topaz depending on your preferred tone, the results are dewy and youthful, and can pep up a tired beauty routine in no time.

While Rose Quartz is the stone of love and feminine energy, Golden Topaz is said to manifest good faith, and welcome positive things into your life. 

Did it work? Yes! The dewy glow the highlighter gave us looked natural and youthful—and we received several compliments throughout the day. A classic "your skin but better" product. 


5. Too Faced Pretty Rich Diamond Highlighter

£28 per highlighter

Too Faced Pretty Rich Highlighter – diamond powder

Not only does the gorgeous packaging for this highlighter mimic a diamond ring, but the highlighter itself contains crushed diamond powder and light-reflecting pearl dust, meaning you're sweeping the light of real precious crystals onto your cheekbones. 

The multifaceted powder is hand-poured, so no two shades are exactly alike, mimicking the diamonds that inspired their design. 

The effect of this highlight is powerful, so not for the faint-hearted, but applied correctly (we'd recommend partnering it with the Too Faced Crystal Highlight brush), it'll have your cheekbones beaming. 

Did it work? Yes, our skin was left illuminated, although the effect of the crushed diamonds wasn't completely obvious compared to a standard powdered highlighter. 


6. Vitamasques Gem Stone Collection

£21.99 for four masks

gemstone facemasks

This collection of four powerful sheet masks from Vitamasques will match a moment of personal luxury with the gemstone that best suits your mood. In search of relaxation? You need the Sapphire mask. Need perking up? That'll be the Citrine mask. Meanwhile Jade offers balance, and Ruby promises to recharge your batteries. 

Each mask comes beautifully packaged and saturated in nourishing ingredients, including lavender, evening primrose, spirulina and geranium. And as an added bonus each mask is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. 

Did it work? After just one use, our skin was left hydrated—but not over-saturated—and soft to the touch.


7. Rose Quartz Luminizer, Kora Organics

0.21 oz for £28

rose quartz

The brainchild of model Miranda Kerr, there couldn't be a better endorsement for this luxury skin luminizer than the queen of perfect skin. 

This dewy balm combines noni fruit extract, coconut oil, and rosehip with finely crushed Rose Quartz to offer a healthy, fresh-off-the-yacht glow. It's easy to apply and adds a real polished yet subtle finish to any makeup look. 

Did it work? The product certainly gave a soft glow to the skin and the fine quartz powder looked pretty when it caught the light. The feel of a real luxury product.