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6 Fabulous walking sticks for every style

6 Fabulous walking sticks for every style

Put the style back into your strut with these fashionable walking sticks. There's one for every mood, whether you're into glitz, florals or vibrant prints

Just because we require assistance, doesn’t mean we don’t care about feeling our best. Let’s be honest, most traditional mobility aids could stand rightfully accused of crimes against fashion.

Clinical colours and bulky materials aren’t exactly known for bringing out the colour in our eyes, are they?

But fear not, we have assembled a fabulous selection of walking sticks that will have you looking and feeling like the gorgeous disabled peacock you are.

From styling a vintage cocktail dress with a mirror-ball cane, to pairing Doc Martens with a pink leopard print crutch, there’s an accessible accessory for every taste.

Neo Walk: And the winner is…, £74.99 

Hooked top of walking stick with diamante finishNeo Walk boasts celebrity Selma Blair as one of their customers

Yorkshire company, Neo Walk, offers handmade acrylic walking sticks, including this black diamante starlet. Founded by amputee Lyndsay Watterson in 2013, they were featured earlier this year on Dragons’ Den.

Customisable to the max, they allow you to choose stick length, handle style, rubber tip colour, and hand grip pattern.

"Watterson believes disabled people deserve to have products they can feel proud of"

This swirling crystal-wrapped cane is ideal for a special occasion. According to Neo Walk, it’s “the perfect stick to walk up on stage to tumultuous applause, and accept a glittering award in front of an upstanding crowd!”

Watterson believes disabled people deserve to have products they can feel proud of, and mobility aids should be viewed as part of what makes us unique.

Actress and Dancing with The Stars contestant, Selma Blair, is one of their most famous customers. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for your niece’s birthday party, right?

IlyashWoodCanes: Sea Wave Wooden Cane, £91.59 

Blue walking stick with traditional Ukrainian carvingsThis ornate walking stick features authentic Ukrainian craftsmanship

Beware, this elegant cane could trigger a visit to your travel agent.

Ethnic Lemko carvings in sea blue, hand-crafted in Ukraine, paints an idyllic picture: the sun setting over the Mediterranean, a sandy beach-front terrace, pina colada in hand.

Pair with white sandals, and a floppy straw hat, and the image is complete.

Cool Crutches: Wild Thing Crutches, £85.00

Woman with pink floral dress leans on pink leopard print crutchCool Crutches designs their walking sticks to give both style and comfort

Available in singles or pairs, these hot pink leopard beauties are for the bold fashionistas out there. Removable arm cuffs, and detachable, machine-washable grips make for easy maintenance.

North Yorkshire mother and daughter co-founders offer cheerful yet practical designs for both crutches and walking sticks.

Co-founder, Amelia Peckham, suffered a quad bike accident in 2005 which left her partially paralysed from the waist down and reliant on crutches.

The company was born from necessity, after hospital-issue aids caused blisters, compromising not only her style, but her safety too.

"The company was born from necessity, after hospital-issue aids caused blisters"

She told us: “I know from personal experience, mobility aids are as much a mental health aid as well as a physical one. To know yours won’t slip, click, snap, rattle, crash to the floor when you open a door or cause pain in upper body joints or blisters to your hands is paramount.”

These sassy Wild Thing offerings have been spotted on Amanda Holden, Jane Felstead, and Vogue Williams, darling.

Their website also provides a great summary of the VAT exemption applied to walking sticks for eligible individuals, and how to claim it. It’s definitely worth a look.

Walking Sticks: Green Autumnal Derby Cane, £27.99

Green autumnal Derby cane walking stick with floral designWalking Sticks spruces up the mobility aid with some tasteful florals

For the ladies who enjoy a good tea party, this London company offers a great selection of affordable walking sticks. You’ll be diamond of the season with this classy, autumnal accessory.

And if you have a gentleman to promenade with, more masculine designs are available from various classic canes stockists. Lady Danbury will be quaking in her Bridgerton boots.

Alice Ella: Mirrored Disco Walking Stick, £80

Walking sticks with mirror ball decorationThe mirrored disco walking stick is ideal for music fans and party animals

Our fifth choice is bound to bag you a backstage pass at your next gig.

This dazzling fold-up disco stick comes in silver, pink, and gold, with a choice of strap colours. Lady Gaga herself would be proud, and possibly even jealous.

Founder, disability advocate and influencer, Alice Ella, has learned to embrace her true self and live her best life unapologetically as a disabled entrepreneur.

"The Brighton creative believes disabled people deserve to shine"

The Brighton creative believes disabled people deserve to shine, starting with herself. 

“My first walking stick was plain black, dull, boring, and not ‘me’ at all. It definitely wasn’t something I’d proudly have on show or that I’d ‘want’ to leave the house with, and it certainly was never part of my style or outfit.”

Reflecting on what her own ideal aid would be, Alice created her first disco walking stick.

LightCanes: LED walking stick, £79.80

LED lit walking sticksYou'll never lose your walking stick again with these flashy LED lights

Blackpool illuminations spring to mind? Great for navigating the dark evenings as winter draws in, as well as making a statement at the Christmas party, these light up canes are a top conversation starter.

Both batteries and switch are hidden in the handle, and creator, Clive, is happy to accept special commissions for a piece as unique as you are.

Stick Safe: Walking Stick Holder, £7.95 for pack of two

Stick safe device clips walking stick to chairStick Safe clips your walking stick to multiple surfaces so you can keep it out of the way

Most of these fabulous options aren’t cheap. So, here’s a bonus product to help protect your lovely new accessory and keep it safe.

You can also find a wide array of walking sticks on Amazon.

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