5 reasons to purchase a holiday home in the Mediterranean


27th May 2019 Travel

Touching down in the UK after a two-week break, it can be hard to accept the summer holidays are coming to a close. An all too common feeling, many Brits have dreams of owning an overseas property to jet away for extended breaks with friends, family or even solo. For those citing a more reliable sunny climate, relaxed way of life and plenty of culture to explore, as reasons for investing in an overseas holiday property, look no further than the Mediterranean. 
From the sunny island of Malta, dubbed one of the world’s best diving locations, with over 300 days of sunshine to enjoy each year, to the intriguing island of Sicily located south of Italy and bursting with history to explore thanks to it’s colourful and varied past, under Roman, Vandal and Ostrogoth rule. Those looking for picturesque coastline, Split in Croatia will not disappoint and for the adventurers, Slovenia is the go-to for both summer and winter activities, as well as its charming seaside resorts. 
Here are 5 reasons to purchase a holiday home in the Mediterranean:
Exceptional climate
The hot and dry climate that is typical of Mediterranean summers, is often an important deciding factor in purchasing an overseas holiday home. The UK’s often unreliable summers can be disheartening, so having a holiday home across the waters can be desirable for guaranteed sun and sea. While summer in the Med is very pleasant, in many countries, the winter is similar to that of the UK – don’t forget, The Alps are situated in Southern Europe and stretch across Italy, France and Switzerland to name a few, bringing cold and snowy winters!
Reasonable prices 
Depending on the country and region, Mediterranean living doesn’t have to cost as much as you think. Of course, if you’re dreaming of a holiday home in the French Rivera, then you’ll pay a premium. However, if you’re open to exploring regions that you may not have initially thought of, prices are competitive and likely more affordable than you’d expect. For example, if the South of France is your desired destination, look to the historic region of Occitanie, rather than St Tropez. With homes dotted around the coast and further inland, travel to other hot spots in the south is easy by bus, train or car.
Natural beauty
The Mediterranean coastline is home to arguably some of the most beautiful towns in the world, with clear safe waters and varied landscapes featuring mountains, lakes and glistening sandy beaches, the pairing of natural beauty with plenty of historic culture is second to none. With something for everyone, the Med will appease the whole family and returning year after year will never get boring! 
Amazing food
No matter the country, people around the Med have a strong appreciation for food and understand that eating is a recipe for healthy and happy humans; obesity and heart disease rates are amongst the lowest in the world! The broad variety of fresh and healthy amazing food will not disappoint. Thanks to the climate, such a wide variety of foods can grow in the Med, so there is always something in season – plus, fresh fish is available all year round!
Relaxed lifestyle
The Mediterranean way of life is notoriously relaxed. People around the Med are known for enjoying life and not taking things too seriously, which is a great culture to immerse yourself in during extended visits to your new home away from home. Escaping to your Mediterranean haven will work wonders for stress levels and will ensure you return to the UK feeling energised. 
Once your heart is set on investing in a home away from home in one of the healthiest, happiest, cleanest and most cultured places to live in the world, the Mediterranean, look to find a suitable investment in your desired country. At this stage, it’s important to investigate the ways in which you can reduce unnecessary fees and charges. One way to do so is by always ensuring that you’re getting the best exchange rate when making any international payments for your property. 
Finding the best deal can be tricky as there is no comprehensive price comparison site, and most payment providers do not publish their dealing rates on their websites. However, FCA-authorised currency exchange and large international payment specialists Eris FX, who has been serving overseas property buyers since 2006, is one of the very few firms to show live customer rates online. 
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