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Is organic skincare really better?


10th Mar 2021 Fashion & Beauty

Is organic skincare really better?

Before we dive into answering that question, we need to look into what the term “organic skincare” refers to. Organic skincare is commonly described as skincare products that contain pesticide-free, organically grown ingredients.

Organic products are considered more favorable to the skin, since few or no harsh artificial additives are believed to exist, and are therefore marketed.

The market has seen a major shift towards organic skincare over the last ten years or so. This is because customers are becoming more conscious and more mindful of what ingredients they put on their skin. Using certified organic skincare has many advantages. Let us look into those, one by one, and then decide whether organic skincare really is better or not. Before we move into this, you can also check out this organic shop to find the best products!

1. Free of harsh chemicals

There are endocrine-disrupting contaminants such as phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, and parabens in many traditional skin care products. The immune, reproductive, and endocrine systems can be impaired by these identified carcinogens. The more items you use, the higher toxic concentrations will reach your body and accumulate, causing problems down the road.

Two of the most widely used ingredients, parabens, and phthalates, have been related to cancer and type II diabetes.

As Organic skincare products are made with all-natural ingredients, you can be sure that a product is 100% free of hazardous chemicals as long as it is certified organic.

2. Rich in nutrients

Organic skincare contains ingredients that follow the same standards as organic food. This means that they do not contain any chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers that are harsh. Many chemical ingredients used as inexpensive fillers do more harm than good. For a few weeks, your skin might look brighter, but synthetic ingredients can cause irritation, increased sensitivity, and clogged pores in the long run.

However when you use organic skincare, the ingredients in the product work in harmony with your body. This helps your skin repair and reach the perfect health by itself.

3. Prevents premature ageing

Did you know that the leading cause of premature aging is excess sun exposure? Even on a cloudy day, UV rays do damage to our skin, which is why sunscreens are such a necessity.

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to pick up a sunscreen that will not have harmful effects. 3 of the most commonly used sunscreen filters are oxybenzone, retinyl palmitate, and octocrylene. While these ingredients have proven to provide good protection, their safety is questionable.

Organic sunscreen products contain natural mineral ingredients, such as titanium oxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxide. They are both three  and safe. So they naturally protect the skin, without threatening your health.

4. Non-allergenic

Organic skincare products are less likely to cause allergic reactions, inflammation, or irritation due to harsh chemicals. If the use of organic products triggers an allergic reaction, it would most probably be due to a natural ingredient (such as peanuts or strawberries) that would be easier to detect. Simply going through the ingredients list before purchasing a product can prevent it.

5. Environment-friendly

Organic products for skincare start with organic ingredients that are grown and processed using sustainable practices. Since these items do not have harsh additives, there is significantly less waste and contaminants going down the drain and back into the earth. You not only do wonders for your skin and inner wellbeing when you select organic beauty products, but you also have a positive effect on our environment.

6. Cruelty-free

You are buying cruelty-free skincare products when you buy organic skin care products. You are also endorsing the trend in the cosmetics industry for the abolition of animal testing.

7. Work much better

Quality ingredients contribute to better outcomes. Organic products for skincare are made from superb, pure, non-harmful compounds that help your skin.

Unlike chemical skincare products, they will not over-dry your skin in the process of “masking” ageing by temporarily filling wrinkles with silicones and petroleum by-products. Neither will they harm your body as they try to "cure acne and balance oily skin". Organic products for skincare help the skin heal from the inside out instead.


Taking all of the factors into consideration, we can reach a verdict that organic skincare is better and suitable for everyone to use.

Organic products for skincare are healthier and have natural ingredients to nourish your skin. Your skin is extremely delicate. To keep it in good health, you must put only the best quality products. So, make the change and switch to an all-organic skincare routine.

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