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7 DIY makeup miracles


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

7 DIY makeup miracles

Had a makeup related disaster? Don't fear! There's a fix for that. Check out our seven favourite solutions to your every makeup mishap. 

Firming up melted lipstick

If your bag has been sitting in the sun for too long and you find that the heat has soften up your lipstick, simply pop it in the fridge for a fast five-minute fix. 

If the bullet has snapped, use a candle flame to soften it up, and then reattach to the base of the lipstick and put it in the fridge to cool. 


Emergency lip colour

Perhaps you can't decide whether a new dress you're trying on flatters your face, but without extra colour on your lips it's even harder to tell. 

So you look in your handbag, only to discover that you've left both your lipstick and lip pencil at home. If you have a brown eyeliner pencil, use it on your lips instead. You may find that it looks fantastic!


A cheesy solution

Run out of cotton wool balls and makeup remover pads and don't want to use tissues because of the residue they leave on your skin?

Cut a few squares of washed cheesecloth for wiping off makeup. It's soft, porous and absorbent. Use a bigger swatch as a covering for overly liquid facials so that they don't drip onto the floor or yourself. Pat the cloth very gently over the mixture, just until it adheres.


No eyeshadow applicator?

Use a cotton bud instead. It's softer, the tip can be used to smudge and soften eyeliner and you can throw it away when you have finished. 


Makeup mistakes 

If you go overboard with the mascara or sustain a smudge elsewhere during your makeup application, just wipe off the slip up with a cotton bud dipped in petroleum jelly. Then start over with a lighter hand.


Homemade lip gloss

To make your own lip gloss, scoop the last bit of lipstick out of the tube and blend it with a little petroleum jelly.

Put the mix into an empty lip gloss pot and it's ready to use! For a firmer gloss, refrigerate the mixture for an hour. 


Solve scent overload

Have you ever accidentally doused yourself with just a little too much cologne? If soap and water won't correct the problem, go to the cupboard and take out a bottle of vodka. 

Dab a little onto the places where you applied the cologne or perfume and the nearly odourless spirit should quickly knock out the excess scent. 


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