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5 Romantic activities on a budget for Valentine's Day

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5 Romantic activities on a budget for Valentine's Day
Everyone wants to make their loved one feel loved and desired on the evening of Valentine’s Day, and it's possible without breaking the bank  
It's not an easy time financially for anyone at the moment so it would be easy to decide with your loved one to give Valentine’s Day a miss this year. With restaurants, flower vendors and hotels seemingly bumping prices and a bruising cost-of-living crisis, it can be an expensive day for many. 
"Why not celebrate your love this Valentine's Day on a budget with these romantic activities?"
However, why not enjoy the celebration of love on a budget by choosing one or more of these romantic (yet definitely not bank-busting) activities for the evening of Valentine's Day?

1. Home spa experience

Couple in a romantic bath with wine
Set up a relaxing spa experience at home for your loved one with scented candles, bubble bath, massage oils, and soothing music.
Treat your partner to a pampering session without the spa price tag by picking up some nice (but low cost) treats from Boots or Superdrug.

2. Memory jar exchange

Instead of just giving your partner a memory jar filled with notes, why not exchange memory jars where you each write down your favourite memories and moments shared together?
"A memory jar is a beautiful way to reminisce about your favourite moments together"
It's a beautiful way to strengthen your bond and reminisce about your favourite moments of your relationship to date.

3. DIY paint and sip night

A couple painting together
Being creative together and having fun in the process is a fantastic (and cheap!) way to spend Valentine’s Day. Buy some inexpensive art supplies and set up your own paint and sip night at home.
Follow along with a tutorial or paint whatever inspires you while enjoying your favourite drinks together. Maybe you could paint something meaningful to your relationship, like where you had your first date or got engaged?

4. Personalised at-home film night

Set up a cosy film night at home with blankets, popcorn and your favourite films (maybe yours and your partner’s favourite film back-to-back?).
"Get popcorn and blankets, and watch yours and your partner's favourite films back-to-back"
You can even make it themed with romantic comedies or classic love stories, if you want a loved up theme.

5. Romantic playlist and sing-along

Couple sharing earphones to listen to music together
If music be the food of love play on. Create a playlist of songs that hold special meaning to your relationship. It could include songs from significant moments or ones that remind you of your partner.
Then you can take it to the next level if you enjoy a sing or a dance by putting on some lamps (no big lights!) and enjoying a sing-along or throwing shapes together.
Whichever of these activities and gestures you go for, remember it’s not about the money you spend on your loved one, it’s the thoughtfulness and the personalised approach that really count. Show the love and, most importantly, just have relaxed fun together with your partner on Valentine’s Day, doing what you love.
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