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10 Thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts for him

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10 Thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts for him
Thoughtful gift ideas for men, to help you find something he'll love this Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is fast approaching and with it, all the pageantry that comes with the special day. It can be a difficult one when it comes to knowing what to buy for your partner—whether that's due to spending many Valentine's days and exchanging gifts over the years with your love, or because a relationship is still new, and you want to get it right.
But don't worry, here are ten great gift ideas that will hit the mark like Cupid's arrow.

For sports lovers: Xllent body muscle massager

Personal body massagers have been gaining momentum in recent years, and it makes sense  to have a machine for quick and easy relief when you need it. It’s a perfect device for a gym goer, football fanatic or if you just want some soothing muscle relief after a long week of work.
The massager also functions at a low volume but is powerful enough for adequate relief, with 20 speeds and six different massage heads for targeting different muscle groups.

For keeping neat and tidy: Bedside organiser

Good organisation can be crucial in the home, baring in mind the number of devices and accessories the average person will accrue over the years—which is where this handy organising desk comes in. It’s a wooden frame with space for a phone, watches, keys and more, which is perfect to keep essentials items tidy and in one accessible place.

For whiskey lovers: Mini whiskey barrel

This is one for the whiskey enthusiasts out there, your own mini whiskey barrel with a tap for easy pouring. It has a capacity of 800ml, which shouldn’t be a problem for anyone but the most ardent whiskey drinkers!
Plus, it’s also a nice desk piece and good for adding a bit of personality to a room.

For handy-men: Multi-tool pen

Tools are useful for quick fixes and are often needed in unexpected situations, which is why this multi-purpose pen is the ultimate all-in-one package.
Made from high grade aluminium, it can function as eight different tools, and usefully features an LED light for seeing in dark spaces. Being so small, it’s great for taking on the go on a camping trip or just for keeping handy, if your partner fancies themselves as a DIY guru.

For self-groomers: Remington G4 PG4000 trimmer

A good trimmer or shaver is always a fantastic gift. This Remington device will keep your partner feeling fresh, with several different head attachments. The G4 trimmer has a 60-minute battery life and is also multi-use, for: beard, eyebrows, ear, and nose trimming as well.
And it features smooth blades designed for smooth shaving—to help avoid any unwanted cuts when undertaking self-grooming.

For a classy touch: Prada eau de toilette

You don’t need to break the bank to get quality colognes or perfumes and this 50ml Prada fragrance proves that point. Combining elements such as geranium and ambroxan for a masculine, yet distinctly natural and earthy tone.

For a personal touch: Personalised initials wallet

Even a small gift that has some thought to it can go a long way, like with this personalized leather wallet, allowing for three characters on the front. The wallet also comes with six card slots and two note slots, for keeping money neat and organised.

For a classy gift lover: Personalised whiskey glass with Jim Beam

Sticking to the personalisation theme is this gift set, with a four-line message being able to be engraved on the whiskey glass itself. The set also comes with a silk lined box and small bottle of Jim Beam bourbon. A small but classy Valentine’s gift for the man who considers himself a whiskey connoisseur.

For joke lovers: Mipomall boyfriends mug

A little bit of humour can go a long way, and in this case, this mug is a great touch with a simple message—printed on high grade ceramic to make for a quirky gift. But you don’t need to worry on its fragility as it’s packed carefully for delivery, and the mug is also safe for microwave use.

For a bit of useful DIY: LED flashlight gloves

If you’ve ever had to do a bit of DIY and needed a flashlight, then you know how cumbersome holding a flashlight in one hand while using a tool in another can be. This handy gadget aims to alleviate that problem with LED lights being built into the gloves, freeing up your hands to fix any annoying problems with some added dexterity.
They’re also not overly tight to make using them easier, as they’re made with light elastic material and waterproof, which helps for use in different scenarios.
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