Dogs caught in the act

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Dogs caught in the act
A collection of dogs caught in comprising and hilarious situations
Dogs are man's best friend as we all know, they're ever loyal, excitable and easily entertained companions the world over. They're on the best behaviour most of the time but not always and they can be caught out, usually tearing up newspapers or ruffing up pillows but we love them all the same, here are some dogs that got caught.

A bit stuck

Dog caught in bowl - flickr
Getting a bit too excited can end in unintended scenarios.

A guilty face

Dog ice cream - Wikimedia Commons
Hey, it could have been anyone....

Bit of a mess

Dog in a mess - flickr
At this point there's no point to try and hide it.

A doggy door

Dog in door - alcecwaycaster Reddit
Fancy seeing you here.

Strike a pose

Dog posing - FineMail4400 Reddit
This dog isn't necessarily doing anything bad but he still has an attention grabbing pose.

Taking a nap

Dog sleeping in bed - imgur
Naps are important but that's a human looking bed!

A bit of morning hair

Dog with morning hair - EdwardWasntFinished Reddit
To be fair we've all been there and can look a bit worse for wear after a long rest.

Unusual movement

Dogs on dogs - Metaweb
Dogs can also be incredibly curious, in this case in ways to move around.

Who could have done this

Not guilty dogs - Metaweb
"We're glad you're here, we'll now help you try to figure out who did this"

Impromptu art

Dog prints - imgur
On the one hand it's a mess, but on the other - modern art?
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