Animals hilariously caught in the act

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Animals hilariously caught in the act
We love our furry, smooth, scaly or otherwise friends, here are a few in funny situations
Pets and to a larger degree - animals are surprisingly complex, can show emotions, live in societies and do quite a bit more than we may expect on a basic level. Animals can also be capable of humour, although that's mostly unintentional as they get caught in funny situations or positions, just like a few of these examples below!

You can bear-ly believe it

Bear wave - imgur
Bears are ferocious and bold predators, but they can also look very friendly from time to time.

Cats doing things

Cat selfie - getty images
Cats are smarter than they make out, aren't they? Check this one out nailing a selfie.

Double jump

Dog jumping by door
Dogs are very excitable as we all know, which includes enthusiastic jumping.

Horsing around

Horses fighting
We're sure it was a minor dispute, probably over already claimed grass.

Pandas do the funniest things

Pandas caught in the act
Panda bears are very goofy and funny unprompted, here are some doing what they do.

A Fin-five

Shark hi-5 - imgur
Who said you need hands to do a high-five?

Interesting choice

Dog trying to eat bubble - SilentFly (reddit)

An unusual pairing

Giraffe licking squirrel
We're not fully sure what's going on here, neither is the Squirrel we bet.

A mouthful

Puffin eating fish
Who hasn't been caught off guard with their mouth full?

Cats being cats

Cats embracing
We love our furry, strange little friends - you could really make a whole show just on cats doing weird things.
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