7 Halloween costume ideas inspired by iconic album covers

BY Ellie Sivins

25th Oct 2022 Halloween

7 Halloween costume ideas inspired by iconic album covers

For some truly imaginative music-themed Halloween costume ideas, try recreating one of these iconic album covers, from Bowie to Avril Lavigne

It isn’t long until Halloween, and you might be struggling to find the perfect costume. So much has happened over this past year that there’s almost too much to choose from, between the newsworthy memes, pop culture moments, and the swarm of Eddie Munsons bound to appear at all the parties.

One good place to find inspiration that you might not have thought about yet, is album covers.

Fleetwood Mac, Rumours

Fleetwood Mac Rumours album cover

For those looking for a couple’s costume, consider the cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours. This is probably their most recognisable album cover, but is still one where the longer you look at it the more you notice.

"Mick Fleetwood is donned in pirate chic with a crystal ball in one hand"

Mick Fleetwood is donned in pirate chic with a crystal ball in one hand and another two between his legs, while Stevie Nicks is a gothic ballerina in dramatic sleeves.

One of you needs to grab that dusty old waistcoat, a shirt, tuck their trousers into boots and wear some painted baubles for the night, while the other can dress in all black as the ethereal Stevie Nicks.

Lizzo, Special

Black and white photo of Lizzo in sequin headdress on Special album cover

A more up-to-date album cover to consider is Lizzo’s Special. The cover is simple, but there’s so much that could be done to create a truly iconic Halloween costume.

The cover features Lizzo wearing a balaclava clad with sequins, which for the truly crafty of you shouldn’t take too long to recreate.

The rest of your outfit could also follow suit—sequin everything and a perfect excuse to blast Lizzo all night.

Davie Bowie

David Bowie Heroes, Hunky Dory and Aladdin Sane album covers

Next up is the most commonly used Halloween costumeDavid Bowie. Although everyone wants to go for the Aladdin Sane look, if you have a trio of friends, why don't you each go for different Bowie eras?

One of you can don the iconic lightning bolt make-up, while the other two can go for the Heroes-era Bowie or the Hunky Dory Bowie.

"If you have a trio of friends, why don't you each go for different Bowie eras?"

To elevate these costumes a bit more, you need to focus on the hands. In each of the album covers, Bowie's hands and arms are meticulously placed, so why not have a papier-mâché night with your friends and create permanent hand fixtures to wear with the look?

That way, the album cover remains intact throughout the night, while you still have the freedom to carry around a drink (or two).

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne album covers

If you haven’t quite decided whether you’re going all out or just casual, go Avril Lavigne. The 2000s are indeed back so it shouldn’t be too difficult to put together.

If you’re going for the Let Go, "Sk8er Boi" era, wear chunky black trainers, baggy combat trousers, and black cardigan with the iconic white tank and tie underneath.

Or, if you’re feeling a bit dressier, go for the gothic vibes of Under My Skin. You'll need a black tutu and fishnet tights paired with your favourite leather jacket. Then with red washi tape you can create the iconic red cross on the sleeve.

Do not forget to straighten your hair as straight as it could possibly go. Maybe even straighter.

Fall Out Boy, Folie à Deux

Illustration of teddy bear carrying grizzly bear on back on Fall Out Boy Folie a Deux album cover

Fall Out Boy have many great albums covers, but one that is most peculiar in the best way is none other than Folie à Deux. If you have to drag your friend out to the party, why not carry them?

This is possibly the most effort you’ll need to put into a costume—not only do you have to sweat the night away in a big bear costume, but you’ll also have to piggyback your pal around the party.

Or, if that friend doesn’t end up coming along, you could staple a teddy bear to the back of your outfit (which would make the night a bit easier to navigate). If you’re worried people might not get your outfit, why not throw a FOB-themed party yourself?

Michael Jackson, Bad

Michael Jackson wears buckled black leather jacket on Bad album cover

A lot of people go for Thriller when they think Michael Jackson and Halloween, but, when we’re looking at the album covers, the most well known has to be Bad.

It’s a great excuse to get a leather jacket with far too many buckles to count and show everyone your failed attempt at a moon walk.

Conan Gray, Superache

Conan Gray Superache and Olivia Rodrigo Sour album covers

Finally, for those wanting to embrace vampiric vibes, Conan Gray’s Superache is perfect. For this one, use the fairy wings you saved from last year. Cover them in rose petals and wear with your best suit.

To complete the look, moderately curl your hair to make it look effortless, and see if you can convince your friend to dress up as Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour (stickers, a tank, and some tartan bottoms and you will be the iconic besties).

"For those wanting to embrace vampiric vibes, Conan Gray’s Superache is perfect"

Even though some of the costumes on this list may seem obscure, isn't half the fun in guessing what people's costumes are anyway? An added bonus is that many of these are perfect for music-themed Halloween parties.

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