15 weird and wonderful homemade costumes


1st Jan 2015 Humour

15 weird and wonderful homemade costumes

Get your Halloween inspiration right here! We've trawled the internet to find the most wonderful and the occasionally odd Halloween costumes out there. These are all homemade and a true testament to human creativity. Can you do better?

1. Lego Man

After the Lego Movie, we're expecting to see a lot more of these this year.

Halloween Lego Man


2. Green Army Man

Find out how they did it, click here.

Halloween Green Army Man


3. Black-and-White Charlie Chaplin  

Haloween Black and White Charlie Chaplin


4. Son-of-Man Selfie

Halloween son of man


5. Super Dog Man!

Halloween Super Dog


6. Teeny Tiny Frida Kahlo

Halloween Frida Kahlo


7. A Living Banksy

Halloween Banksy Costume


8. A-little-ladin Sane

Haloween Bowie Child


9. The Simpsons Very Creepy Halloween Special

Halloween Simpsons weird costume


10. A Chunky Wee Charlie Brown 

Halloween Charlie Brown Costume


11. yup, Even The Pug Is Freaked Out

Halloween weird Pug man


12. She Can Do It And You Can Do It Too

Halloween we can do it woman


13. Alex from A Clockwork Orange getting Tipsy on Moloko

Halloween A Clockwork Orange


14. French Kiss (geddit?)

Halloween French Kiss


15. Hitchcock's The Birds

Halloween Hitchcock's The Birds

So which one was your favourite? Share your fave with us on Facebook or Twitter. To send us your Halloween images, click here.