13 Family Halloween costume ideas

13 Family Halloween costume ideas

Thirteen adorable Halloween costume ideas with a role for everyone in the family. Look no further for your Halloween inspiration…

1. Harry Potter and the scratchy fake beard

A Harry Potter themed set here, with a towering Hagrid and his cohorts, just like the movies really.


2. An incredible costume choice

family dressed as The Incredibles
Image via Bored Panda

Definitely a cool choice for any superhero families out there, the matching colours logos make for a nice touch.


3. Good families stick together

They're definitely sticking together, it's a a simple family costume idea that won't break the bank.

4. Perfect for snoopy-ing around

This is a nice touch for any Charlie Brown fans out there, with individual outfits and interesting colour schemes - and of course the essential Snoopy outfit, adorable.


5. The force is strong in this family

Here's a nice idea, referencing the recent Star Wars movie, with Finn, a baby BB-8 and Rey, we give this two thumbs up.


6. Mother—and father—of dragons…

Right off the bat, an ambitious idea, maybe one for indoors with the bare arms and shirtless Khal Drogo but the dragon kids are an inspired touch. 


7. An oldie but a goodie

The family that rocks together, stays together, this is a pretty radical set for the family, it's wild, out there and memorable.


8. We're buzzing for this idea

There's a buzz about this family set, it's simple but quite nicely themed as well.


9. There's no place like a haunted home

There aren't many more iconic looks from movie history than the Wizard of Ozs' costumes, which have lasted through time and work with their simplicity, definitely a good choice.


10. They really nailed I.T.

You get it don't you? It's simple and charming in a geeky I.T. joke way, we approve. 

11. A fantastic family costume

This choice is a bit out there but quirky, for any Fantastic Mr Fox fans, go for it!


12. Two plumbers meet two princesses

The Super Mario family set is a great choice for Nintendo fans or otherwise, including male & female outfits as well as the iconic plumbers by trade and brothers, Mario & Luigi.


13. Why grandma, what a lovely family you have!


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