Adding a bit of sparkle to your party dress

Tis the season to party, and party some more. Jazz up your outfit with the season's must have jackets.

The office Christmas party has come around once more, but it’s often the case with these occasions that the pressure to find a new outfit impedes the enjoyment of it! If you already have your go-to party dress that’s half the battle won. Breathe new life into old, trustworthy ensembles with a smart jacket.

1. Evoke the glitz of the ‘Great Gatsby’ era with this navy sequined number (£69

John Lewis Blazer


2. Layer pretty prints over a plain dress to add extra interest (£249

Ted Baker Blazer


3. Go all out and combine both of the above with patterned sequins for a show-stopping look (£89

Marks and Spencer Blazer

Top image M&Co