Mindfulness.com App - 15% Off for Reader's Digest readers

Mindfulness.com App - 15% Off for Reader's Digest readers

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16th Nov 2023 Wellbeing

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Practicing Mindfulness can help reduce anxiety and depression, as well as having a positive impact on lowering blood pressure and improving sleep quality. We've partnered with Mindfulness.com to offer our readers 15% off their highly-rated app membership.
In today's fast-paced world, where we are constantly bombarded with information, finding moments of peace and calm can seem challenging. Fortunately, we've discovered an accessible tool to cultivate mindfulness and improve well-being, which can become a valuable companion on a journey to mental and emotional balance and offers a range of benefits.

Ease Anxiety

The Mindfulness.com app can provide a sanctuary for individuals seeking relief from the grips of anxiety. This app empowers users to easily navigate their thoughts and emotions through guided meditation sessions, deep breathing exercises, and mindful activities. Regular use can foster heightened awareness, enabling individuals to recognise and manage anxious thoughts more effectively.

Sleep Better

Quality sleep is essential for good health, yet many struggle amidst the stresses of daily life. The Mindfulness.com app features specific programs to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. The app can help users unwind before bedtime, incorporating muscle relaxation and mindful breathing techniques, paving the way for a restful night's sleep.
Image of a lady sleeping promoting the mindfulness app to help sleep better with a calm mind

Relieve Stress

Stress has become ever-present in modern living, taking a toll on our mental and physical well-being. The app provides a refuge from the chaos, offering users a toolkit of stress-relief techniques. From quick, on-the-go exercises to more extended guided sessions, users will be provided with adaptive solutions to alleviate stress and help restore balance.

Improve Focus

In a world full of distractions, maintaining focus can be a challenge; an app membership to Mindfulness Plus+ gives access to exercises to enhance concentration and cognitive clarity. Through mindful breathing and focused meditation, it will help sharpen attention skills, ultimately improving an ability to stay present and engaged in the tasks at hand.
Image of a lady sat meditating with mobile phones showing a mindfulness.com app

Meditation Techniques

Various meditation techniques are central and are designed to cultivate a deeper connection with oneself, foster self-compassion, and promote a sense of inner peace. With guidance from experienced meditation instructors, users can explore and integrate these techniques into daily routines.
Minfulness.com recently carried out a survey, and according to paying members, after using the Mindfulness.com app, they have experienced the following:
  • 91% felt less stressed
  • 84% felt less anxious
  • 75% sleep better
  • 75% are happier

15% Off Mindfulness Plus+

Mindfulness Plus+ has everything from breathing techniques to calm your anxiety to meditations that help you focus throughout the day.
By incorporating mindfulness into our daily lives through this accessible and user-friendly platform, we can journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling life. Let the mindfulness.com app be your companion on the path to tranquility and self-discovery.
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