Getting Started With Mindfulness: Ten Ways To Live More Peacefully


15th Apr 2020 Wellbeing

Getting Started With Mindfulness: Ten Ways To Live More Peacefully
The fast moving pace of everyday life, full of busy days and stressful events, can mean we forget about time for oneself. Some try to re-establish an inner connection with mind, reduce stress levels and reduce anxiety by practising mindfulness.
However, if you are just starting the journey of mindfulness, it's worth noting it takes more than just meditation or breathing techniques. We've provided tips on how to begin the practice of mindfulness and achieve the full benefits.
Mindfulness is a state of being that is considered as being key to controlling anxiety, achieving a relaxed awareness of thought process and staying mentally happy and healthy. If you are interested in strengthening your ability to focus, stay calm, and concentrate easily, you should be thinking about how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. Mindfulness might help to restructure the brain, enhance general wellness, reduce stress and anxiety. 

Focus On The World Around You

Being mindful is being aware of the current moment and analysing what is happening within it. You don't have to worry or connect the events with your past and future because everything unfolds naturally. Peel off all the insecurities and concentrate on your perception of everything. Every moment is an opportunity to turn to our feelings, emotions, and senses and focus on our world.

Try Out Starting The Day With CBD

As an addition to your routine and part of initiating mindfulness, you can start the day with CBD infused products. CBD can help to maintain your energy and focus, reduce stress and anxiety throughout the day.
Feeling anxious and stressed out can make it hard to concentrate, be mindful and focused on what you are doing in the present. Intake of CBD might make it's easier to embrace each moment and be less reactive to stressful situations.

Live In The Moment

To really live in this moment, meaning to love your life, your job, your surroundings, and do everything with pure joy. Try less listening to what people say and follow your heart so you can do more of what  you would like. Try to do all the stuff that you always wanted to do but never dared to do.
Using our senses such as smells, tastes, emotions and sounds can hel you to pay attention, concentrate and enjoy every single minute, embrace the freshness and beauty of your surrounding environment.

Rethink “Bad Moments”

Things like being stopped at a red light, stuck in traffic or stood in a long line might make you feel angry and anxious, especially if you are running late.
Instead of being angry, pause for a few seconds and take several deep breaths. Send energy waves of kindness around you and accept things as they are. This can help you to pay attention and become more aware of the world around you. Something as simple as wishing good day to the other drivers or pedestrians can change the way you feel as small gestures like this open your heart and can makie you feel more friendly, compassionate, and peaceful.

Break Out of Autopilot

Have you ever face situations when you have driven several miles without knowing how you got to this place? This means you haven't been truly focused on the current moment. It's not only very dangerous when you are driving or crossing the road for example, but operating on autopilot can also bad for our mental health.
Active engagement with each activity you are participating in can help the mind become more flexible and receptive as well as easy to control. Next time you find yourself on autopilot try to absorb full experience: take notice of the places you are seeing, the beauty of nature, the people around you, and how you are feeling about it.

Find a Quiet Place

The rhythm of modern life often entangles and prevent us from understanding our noisy thoughts. To remind yourself to be mindful, find a spot where you like to spend time in and makes you feel peaceful and relaxed.
Just taking yourself somewhere more quiet and comfortable for a few minutes can ease your nerves and help to distract you from negative thoughts.

Care For Your Body

Mindfulness also means connecting the mind with the body and becoming aware of yourself. Pay attention to your body and how it feels whether its pain, relaxation, warm, cold, or fatigue. Also, breath in and out deeply and use that energy to get to know your body. 
When your mind is in flow with your body, you can feel fully alive and be in touch with the wonders of life that are around you right now. 
Furthermore, you can practice mindful eating by enjoying each bite of food and chewing it properly. Refrain from compulsive overeating by recognising your non-hunger triggers and eating only for nourishing your body. 

Go Easy On Yourself

Mindfulness is an open and nonjudgmental acceptance of everything. All thoughts, feelings, and sensations that come into your mind shouldn't be considered as a bad thing, and you shouldn't judge yourself for these distractions of your concentration. Quieting your mind from thoughts can bring you a sense of peace, freedom and happiness to focus at what's matters.


Don't get frustrated if you can't keep concentration for more than a few seconds. It takes time and practice so be consistent and patient with yourself. you'll soon see the fruits of your labour.

Appreciate Everything That Happens 

Before going to sleep, try to end your day on a positive note by reflecting on enjoyable moments of the day and identifying the main things that you are grateful for. Appreciate all the small moments that made you happy and don't waste time for depressive moments. This trains your brain to analyse and look out for positive things or solutions in each situation. 

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