How to make washing your face a moment of mindfulness

How to make washing your face a moment of mindfulness
Washing your face is already part of your daily routine, so why not make it a moment of daily mindfulness with these tips?
Anything, when done with intention, can become a moment of mindfulness, including your morning or evening skincare routine. 
Mindfulness is becoming increasingly important as the demands of everyday life seem to increase with each passing day. Countless studies have proven how beneficial being in the present moment can be—benefits such as reduced anxiety, better sleep, longer lifespan, and increased happiness, to name a few.
"Anything, when done with intention, can become a moment of mindfulness"
Meditation is often the first thing that comes to mind but there are many ways to develop a practice of mindfulness. The key is being intentional, paying attention to your body, and focusing on what brings you a sense of happiness or peace.
Something as mundane as washing your face, a task you have to do anyway, can be elevated as a practice contributing to your overall well-being with a little bit of awareness. Here are easy ways you can begin washing your face with more mindfulness.

Focus on your skin's changing needs

There isn’t a one size fits all approach to skincare. Your skin is as unique as your fingerprint and it will change depending on your age, environment, level of stress, diet, and other shifting factors.
Woman looking in mirror and cleaning face - how to make washing your face a moment of mindfulness
Your skin's needs change according to various shifting factors
You may find your skin needing more moisture during the summer when you have the AC going all day. Or your skin might be a little more sensitive after a vacation spent by the sunny beach. Keeping an eye on your skin’s “mood swings” is a great way to listen to your body. You can then use this information to adjust your skincare accordingly. 
Consider crafting your own natural skincare at home. Doing so empowers you to take control of the ingredients, allowing you to change when your skin changes without wasting hundreds of dollars on expensive store-bought products. 

Make it a sensual experience

Things like texture, fragrance, and appearance matter when it comes to elevating a mundane practice. Take a little bit of time to find a face wash that has a pleasant aroma. Extra points if it's made with essential oils specific to the health of your skin’s unique needs.
"Things like texture, fragrance, and appearance matter when it comes to elevating a mundane practice"
Consider how the product feels on your skin. Rub a little between your fingertips or massage a bit into the back of your hand. It shouldn’t feel too rough or abrasive otherwise it might be too harsh to massage into your skin for more than a few seconds. But it shouldn’t be too liquidy or disperse too quickly either, where you’ll have to keep adding more to prolong the experience.
Don’t discredit a fancy package either. It's no secret that many consumers purchase based on the packaging, with as many as 60 per cent of consumers agreeing better packaging leads to better trust in a brand. Even if you’re making your product at home, seeing a beautiful container every morning represents a personal expression of your taste and makes it just a little more enjoyable. 

Make your routine a vibe

Set the mood for your skin routine. Choose a candle with your favorite scent that you can light everyday while getting ready or set your aromatherapy diffuser up the night before with an essential oil blend. Play music that puts you in a good mood and throw on a plush bathrobe and slippers.
Candles and oil diffuser - how to make washing your face a moment of mindfulness
Why not use candles and oils to create a spa-like atmosphere?
You can even add a drop of lavender or peppermint essential oil to your face towel as a final skin-loving step to washing your face. These are very easy things to do which only take a few minutes but can make you feel like you’re enjoying a spa day, rather than just another Tuesday morning. 

Give yourself a little facial massage

Have you heard of Gua Sha facial scraping? It is a powerful technique based on ancient Chinese medical practices that has taken the skincare world by storm. And for good reason! It promotes better circulation, helps to drain the lymphatic system, and can even help to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles.
"Adapt this technique to washing your face by massaging your face wash into your skin"
You can adapt this technique to washing your face by massaging your face wash into your skin, following the same pattern of face scraping. Use your fingertips and knuckles to gently massage along the jaw, cheeks, forehead, brow bone, and around the eye sockets. Trust me, your skin will love you for it. 
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