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Great equipment for useful home workouts

BY Annie Dabb

7th Jun 2023 Wellbeing

Great equipment for useful home workouts
You shouldn't have to pay an expensive gym membership each month and spend a few hours a week in a room of sweaty strangers just to get in a good work out. Instead, here is some great equipment for useful home workouts 
A gym membership might have seemed like a great idea on January 1, when all that the future seemed to hold were cold days and dark nights, and the idea of going outside even to pop to the shop seemed excessive, never mind for a run.
But now that the sun is upon us once more, who wants to spend hours pumping weights in a sweaty gym when instead you can be pounding the pavement outside during golden hour? 
Even if running's not your thing, there is a plethora of yoga stretches and home workout options you can do safe in the privacy of your own garden to make you feel energised and give you that summer glow. 

1. The Warrior Yoga II Mat

A yoga mat is an essential item for any budding fitness fanatics. Even if aligning your chakra isn't really your thing, it's important to stretch before and after working out in order to prevent tightness and muslce soreness. 
If you do want to get your yogi on, yoga blocks can be really useful for practicisng poses that you might not have worked up to fully yet. 
The Warrior Yoga II Mat combines comfort and functionality with excellent cushioning and improved grip. It is available in a range of colours thicknesses. 
  • Enhanced grip 
  • Machine washable 

2. JLAB Go Air Sport True Wireless Earbuds 

Credit: JLab 
Whether you're a runner who can't stand the sound of their own breathing, or live with other people who are sick of overhearing an immersive zen sounscape while you're stretching, headphones can have their place at home as well as in the gym. 
For workouts especially, it's a good idea to invest in a good pair of bluetooth headphones so as not to accidentally entangle yourself in a headphone cord mid-burpee. 
These JLAB Go Air Sport True Wireless Earbuds have an ergonomic earhook that ensures they'll stay in whether you're sprinting or stretching and have an incredible 32+ hours of total playtime. 
  • Water resistant
  • Touch controls on side controls 

3. Kalenji running smartphone armband

Credit: Decathlon 
If you're someone who likes to track your workouts, it's a good idea to get a sports arm band for your phone. This means that your fitness app will be more likely to pick up on all of your movements so that you don't feel cheated when you look at your step count afterwards! 
If you listen to music through bluetooth headphones while working out, attaching your phone to your arm means that it'll be close enough to ensure a stable bluetooth connection. 
The Kalenji large running smartphone armband is suitable for all smart phone models, including the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max, and had a clear screen so that you can check the time when you're running. 
  • Zip closure
  • Touch-screen clear window 

4. Core Balance fabric resistance bands

Credit: Core Balance 
For those who want to work on strength and toning, a resistance band can have multifarious uses in your workouts. Try integrating one into your squats to increase tension and work your glute muscles harder. Alternativelty, you could stand on one end and work on your triceps by pulling the band in an upwards motion. 
Resistance bands can also be a massive help in terms of support if you're still building muscle. You might have seen people in the gym using them to improve on their pull ups. 
Of course, a resistance band is also very useful for increasing your flexibility if that's something you want to work on. 
These Core Balance fabric resistance bands come in a set of three different levels of resistance to test your muscles and are designed with anti-slip rubber strips to stop them slipping down when you're working out. 
  • Premium cotton polyester stretch fabric 
  • Anti-slip rubber strips 

5. ACTIVE FOREVER dumbbells

Credit: Active Forever 
So you probably don't have the space at home if you want to start deadlifting. For that, you are probably best in the gym—sorry.
But, if you're just looking to build a little extra arm muscle in your home workouts, it could be a good idea for you to invest in some dumbbells. Adding even just five or ten kg weights to your regular routine could be a great way of bulding up your strength
These ACTIVE FOREVER dumbbells are waterproof and non-slip, as their neoprene coating provides a comfy grip and means you won't need gloves. 
  • Hexagonal head prevents rolling away 
  • Neoprene protective barrier prevents floor damage 

6. Lululemon leggings

Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant 28". Credit: lululemon 
One of the benefits of working out at home instead of a busy gym is that you don't have to worry about being ogled by fellow gym-goers as you try and go about your business. But just because you're not being objectified during your workout doesn't mean you don't deserve a good pair of comfortable, squat-proof leggings. 
And if they occassionally double as a pair of comfies you can throw on to lounge around the house, then so-be it, but you know that you'll be lounging with your dignity intact. 
Although this pair have veen specifically designed with yoga in mind, Lululemon leggings come in a variety of colours and lengths and are sure to flatter your figure while you work out. 
  • Waistband draw cord 
  • Hidden pocket in waistband 

7. Hydracy water bottle 

Credit: Hydracy 
Perhaps the most important thing on this list: a water bottle! If you're doing any sort of workout or physical activity, especially in warm weather, it's incredibly important to stay hydrated.
If you're not great at remembering to get your H20 fix, the Hydracy water bottle even comes with timings on the bottle which remind you to drink throughout the day. 
  •  Leakproof and zero condensation 
  • Made from light, shatterproof 100% BPA Free Tritan plastic
Banner credit: brizmaker
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