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Is your skin getting enough water?

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Is your skin getting enough water?

Summer can leave skin dry, but Jenessa Williams is on hand with her top tips for keeping your complexion hydrated

It's our earth’s lifesource and the oldest beauty trick there is —but are you really getting enough H2O? Although many of us preach the cosmetic benefits of water consumption, there's actually very little scientific evidence to suggest that it's the answer when it comes to creating the perfect complexion. Drinking your eight glasses a day is certainly responsible for clearing toxins, fuelling cells and maintaining good health, but keeping your skin hydrated can be a little more complex than simply downing liquids.

Contrary to popular belief, the level of moisture your skin can retain is dependent on genes and your skin lipid barrier. Sun exposure, alcohol consumption and overly long or hot baths all affect the lipid layer, making summer a particularly hard time on our faces. Dehydration can have potentially serious consequences, so if your complexion is looking a little tired, consider adding some extra H2O into your beauty routine.

Water-heavy creams and serums work wonders to stimulate blood flow and plump the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and providing a smoother base for make-up. Face mists can also be a welcome refresh when the heat is getting too much, as are water primers. Apply liberally before bed, or keep in your hand luggage for long haul flights. The higher the aqua content, the more your face will thank you for it.