5 effortless fitness apps


1st Jan 2015 Technology

5 effortless fitness apps

Could your mobile phone be the personal trainer you've been missing? Whatever your fitness goal, there's a world wide web of apps to help. Here are five that make fitness practically effortless:



Platform: iOS, Android  

This app focuses on the psychological aspect of training, helping you build and change habits with daily reminders and support. With over 200,000 different goals to choose from, easy access to the community of other users working towards similar things, and with coaching ranging from simple motivational messages to the option of hiring one of their 700 dedicated coaches to work with you privately, Coach.Me focuses on regular process, so if you find it hard to stick to your challenges (be in to drink more water, do the plank each morning or meditate once a day), this dedicated app might be just the thing to help you achieve your goal.


Nike+ Training Club

Platform: iOS, Android

An app focused on the busy urban worker, with over 100 workouts designed by Nike trainers and celebrities, accompanied by videos to clearly explain the technique and an audio accompaniment for non-stop motivation. Nike encourages you to link your account with those of your friends, so you can share your progress and even meet up and train together. Great for social workout fans.



Platform: iOS, Android

RunKeeper was one of the first training apps to appear on the circuit, and it has stayed ahead of the pack as the go-to activity tracker. You select your workout type (pretty much every possible exercise is there, from running, walking and cycling to skiing) and the app uses GPS tracking to record your route and speed, giving you intermittent summaries of how you’re doing and syncing all the data with your online RunKeeper account. You can then analyse how you’re progressing, and use the app as a tool for comparing your improving fitness level. Great for those training for an event.


Pocket Yoga 

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows

A personal yoga instructor, wherever you are. Now all you need is your phone (and perhaps a yoga mat!). The app is packed with animated guides led by an experienced yogi, walking you through positions in workouts of varying lengths. You can also select your experience level, so you get given poses of an appropriate difficulty. Perfect for the mindful, zen fitness master.


Gain Fitness

Platform: iOS

A series of self-guided workouts with specific training guides for fat loss, strength, cardio and functional fitness. The app is incredibly user-friendly, with clear video guides, trainer tips and easy in-workout tracking. The best bit is that the exercises will progress, so you’ll never feel bored, doing the same exercise again and again, and there’s a large selection of paid-for extra content available on top of the included programmes. The best app for knowing what to do with all those weights at the gym.

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