4 Lifesaver menopause products to relieve your symptoms

BY Jemma Patton

23rd Mar 2023 Menopause

4 Lifesaver menopause products to relieve your symptoms

A new era of menopause products has arrived to help us manage our symptoms. From menopause skincare to getting better sleep, here's how you can find some relief

The increase in public awareness around menopause and perimenopause has been great news for women.

Not only is the rest of the population more aware of the multitude of symptoms women may experience, but businesses are seeing the menopause as a business opportunity and coming up with products that can genuinely help ease symptoms.

Increased awareness leading to new products

New launches aimed at menopausal women include skincare, nightwear, bedding, CBD products, collagen supplements, and essential oils. We take a look at what’s on offer and whether it can genuinely help relieve symptoms.

Adapting your skincare

Studies show that women’s skin loses about 30 per cent of its collagen during the first five years of menopause, and it continues to decline, albeit at the gradual speed of two per cent a year, after that.

Adding a skincare product that includes retinol or peptides will help increase the collagen in your skin.

La Femme Verte is a skincare range specifically designed for menopausal skin. It’s the brainchild of twin sisters Louise and Sara, who develop and produce the products in-house.

"Women’s skin loses about 30 per cent of its collagen during the first five years of menopause"

The range includes day creams, serums, cleansers and an eye serum, and what’s great is that the brand offer free samples. Each sample contains a week’s worth of product, so you can thoroughly test before you splash the cash.

Prices for full-size products start at £12. Head to their website Lafemmeverte.co.uk to find out more.

For a high street choice, Boots have launched No7’s Menopausal Skincare Collection aimed at reducing the visible signs of reduced oestrogen and collagen. The range includes a serum, day cream, eye concentrate, overnight cream, and a cooling mist.

Products start at £14.95 and are available in larger Boots stores or online.

Help to get better quality sleep

Goodrays CBD Night Drops for menopauseCourtesy of Goodrays. Taking CBD oil is one natural way to help you sleep when menopause symptoms are flaring up

The British Menopause Society reports that 40-60 per cent of menopausal women experience disturbed sleep.

Change in levels of oestrogen and progesterone directly affects sleep cycles and increases uncomfortable symptoms, such as night sweats. Melatonin levels also drop as we age, which affects sleep regulation.

For a natural sleep remedy, consider a CBD product. CBD contains cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, which is proven to decrease anxiety and help treat pain. It’s also a very useful natural remedy to aid sleep.

Goodrays have produced a range of products which they believe can help menopausal women. The products include drinks, sweets and two types of CBD oil drops, one specifically designed as a sleep aid. The drinks are available in branches of Tesco and Waitrose priced at £7.50 for a pack of four.

"40-60 per cent of menopausal women experience disturbed sleep"

Night sweats are another menopausal symptom which causes broken and difficult sleep. Changing the type of bedding you use can help, and many brands, including Marks & Spencer, have launched specific “cooling” ranges of sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers.

M&S say their trademarked Cool Tencel™ products are made using wood from responsibly managed forests and the “comfortably cool” technology draws moisture away from the body, keeping you cooler.

As well as the type of bedding you use, what you choose to wear to sleep in can also affect your quality of sleep. Primark have launched a menopause range, which includes pyjamas and nightdresses, as well as underwear, leggings, and t-shirts.

They use a lightweight, soft fabric, which Primark claim regulates body temperature. The mix of yarns allows the fabric to absorb heat from the surface of the skin during hot flushes.

The material also wicks away excess moisture, controls odour and has an anti-bacterial coating which is said to leave the wearer fresher and more comfortable.

Prices start at £7, and the range is available at 93 Primark stores.

Essential oils to help you get through the day

MenoThrive essential oils for menopause symptomsCourtesy of MenoTHRIVE. MenoTHRIVE is a new essential oil brand that tackles a range of menopause symptoms

MenoTHRIVE is a natural essential oil brand set up by two female business partners with the aim of helping women affected by the myriad of symptoms of the menopause. 

They’ve developed three products which come in 30ml droppers, each aimed at different symptoms. All three contain red clover concentrate, which is said to help with hormonal imbalance but with different oils added.

Focus contains ginseng, to aid concentration, Action contains baobab to give you some get up and go, and Settle has added green tea, for clarity and calm.

MenoTHRIVE are £12.99 each from Amazon.

Boosting your collagen

Pura Collagen supplement for menopause skincare symptomsCourtesy of Pura Collagen. Taking collagen supplements can help improve hormone balance and cognitive function

Collagen drinks and supplements have grown increasingly popular over the last ten years. Now, with heightened awareness of menopause, collagen brands are releasing products specifically targeting the needs of older women.

Balance is a product by Pura Collagen aimed at boosting hormone health, bone density, memory, and concentration.

As well as collagen, Balance contains ashwagandha root extract to improve memory and assist with hormone levels, plus soy isoflavones (a type of plant oestrogen) and vitamin B6, C, B12 and magnesium.

"Collagen brands are releasing products specifically targeting the needs of older women"

Mix a scoop of water with the powder and it creates a raspberry and mint flavoured drink.

One tub of Pura Collagen’s Balance is £39.99 and contains 28 servings. It’s available online at Puracollagen.co.uk and from Boots online from mid-April 2023.

Note: If you’re currently taking medication we’d recommend talking to your GP before starting any supplements.

Banner image: Courtesy of La Femme Verte

You can find additional menopause relief supplements and tablets on Amazon, refer to your GP before starting a course.

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