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Tackle premature ageing with vitamin A


1st Jan 2015 Health Conditions

Tackle premature ageing with vitamin A

For anyone seeking a natural way to battle those annoying early ageing signs such as wrinkles, Vitamin A can help leave you looking as young and fresh as you feel.

what is vitamin A?

Vitamin A is another term for retinol and since its discovery in the 1960s has provided a natural method to improve blotchy skin, premature wrinkles and skin definition. By using vitamin A, you can avoid the use of harsher dermatological products and can negate the need for cosmetic surgery.


How does it help?

Vitamin A works to reverse skin damage which could have been caused by the sun's UV rays, and repairs the damage caused to the DNA of your skin. It also improves the proliferation of cells, which can help reinvigorate dull and dehydrated skin.

Vitamin A comes in several forms to help you look after your skin and really make a difference to how you look, and also feel:



Retinol is available in the skin products stocked by most chemists. In the right dose of around 1%, retinol, once converted to retinoic acid, can be applied as a cream to improve your skin's tone and complexion.


Retinyl palmitate

Combining retinol and palmytic acid, retinyl palmitate is most effective for delivering improved skin wealth, with the benign effects in terms of irritation.

Retinyl palmitate can deliver consistent results if used for a prolonged amount of time.



Potent and causing minimal irritation to the skin, retinaldahyde avoids the need for prescription while delivering some of the best results. However, if you are looking for skincare on a budget, you may want to look elsewhere, as products containing retinaldahyde are relatively expensive.

Improving your skin by using vitamin A should be seen as a long-term project, which will be well worth the effort in the end.


How much should I use?

It's hugely important to use the correct amount of vitamin A—don't apply more than you need to simply because you want to achieve faster results. As well as not helping with your goals, overusing can sometimes make matters worse. Long-term use of the right amount will work wonders, and will lessen the risk of aggravating your skin and exacerbating the symptoms of ageing with additional skin problems.

Making sure you buy the right product to alleviate your ageing concerns and signs, whether it's off the shelf or through prescription, will show the fantastic qualities that vitamin A can deliver. With exciting new products making use of this tried and tested method of skin and cell rejuvenation, you'll soon see the results. Over the past six decades, vitamin A has been proven to make a real difference for millions of people across the world, and it can make a difference for you too.