Collagen UK: The 7 best Collagen supplements reviewed (2021)

Want to smooth out fine lines, strengthen nails, or improve hair health? Your inner beauty boost could be just a collagen-infused drink, snack bar, or jelly stick away.

Feel like you’ve been hearing the word ‘collagen’ more and more during conversations around self care in the UK lately? You’re not imagining it - the global collagen market was valued at more than 8 billion USD in 2020, and that figure is expected to double by 2028. 

Ingestible collagen is big news in the beauty world, with everyone from Khloé Kardashian to Jennifer Aniston declaring themselves fans. Devotees recount comments elicited from hairdressers, friends, and strangers, complimenting plump skin, hard-as-rock nails, and hair that grows glossy and strong.

But banish images of bulky tablets or cumbersome medicine bottles from your mind. As with any booming industry, innovation is rife - and companies are finding ways to slip collagen into foods and drinks ranging from energy shots, to jelly sticks, to chocolate-coated snack bars that pair perfectly with a cup of tea.

The question is: how do you know what to look for in a good collagen supplement here in the United Kingdom? Which ones are worthy of your cash? We’ve done the legwork to bring you up to speed.

What are the benefits of collagen supplements?

Collagen is a powerhouse protein that’s often described as the ‘scaffolding’ of the body. Think of it like the structure that keeps our complexions plump and dewy, our joints limbre, our nails hard, and our hair strong.

From our mid-twenties onwards, our collagen re-generation reduces by around 1.5 percent a year, opening the door to - you guessed it - echoes of ageing such as achy knees and creased skin. By the time we hit our mid-fifties, our bodies produce about 50 percent less collagen than they did in our youth.

Collagen supplements harness the protein from animals such as cows and fish, claiming to replenish our own inbuilt supplies and vowing to restore the feeling (and look) of youth. They’re also said to spark our HAS2 receptors - responsible for helping to produce skin-plumping hyaluronic acid - into gear. 

Which collagen supplement is best?

The best collagen supplement? The one that you actually take. Consistency is key to a collagen regimen, so if you find yourself dreading your dose - or if it’s a hassle to administer - it’s unlikely you’ll keep the habit long enough to notice a benefit. 

Grab-and-go products make it easy to sneak collagen into your daily diet - minus the pill boxes or nose-pinching. This buyer’s guide introduces our top 10 collagen food and drink supplements, reviewed for 2021.

Reviewed: The 7 best collagen supplements in the UK (2021)

  1. Swisse Me Collagen & Blood Orange Beauty Plan

£16.95 for 7 shots

Bursting with the sweet, zingy flavour of citrus, Swisse Me’s power-packed daily shots deliver 5000mg of hydrolysed Verisol B collagen in every 30ml bottle, making them the perfect pick-me-up drinks that both taste good and do you good.

Studies have proven that these peptides pack a punch. Observation carried out on 100 women showed that taking 2500mg a day led to impressive four-week results: a higher procollagen concentration in the skin, and in turn, wrinkles that significantly reduced in appearance.

The Verisol collagen is “hydrolysed” - an important term to remember when it comes to these supplements. It means the collagen has been carefully processed with water, making it easier for the body to absorb and use.

Furthermore, while shopping around for grab-and-go collagen, it also pays to take note of the accompanying ingredients. Investigate how they complement the collagen, and which additional benefits they deliver. 

Swisse Me’s shots, for instance, include blood orange: a known mood-lifter and energiser. Blood orange is also packed with vitamins C and A - key players in supporting our body’s natural collagen production.

Unlike many collagen shots on the market, Swisse Me’s dose is presented in a small bottle instead of foil or soft plastic. This means it holds its own in a gym bag or backpack, and at the size of a lipstick, slots neatly into a desk drawer.

If you’re searching for the #1 option in terms of taste, potency, affordability and convenience, reach for Swisse Me’s daily collagen drink - available in packs of seven or 28 shots.

  1. Maxine Laceby Absolute Collagen Marine Liquid Collagen Drink For Women

£33.99 for 14 sachets

Maxine Laceby first discovered the benefits of collagen when simmering up bone broth at home. After her glow received repeated compliments from friends and neighbours, she began distributing her broth to the community. She quickly became known as the local collagen dealer. 

Now, her product is delivered in bright yellow tear-top sachets, filled with an efficient 10ml of liquid. Each dose is packed with an impressive 8000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen, making this the most concentrated collagen on the market.  

Blended with citric acid, vitamin C, stevia and natural lemon flavouring, the result is a drinkable formula that’s designed to be stirred into drinks or yoghurt, or simply knocked back as-is.

It pays to note that with the high concentration comes a slightly bitter taste. While most people don’t mind it, for others it can take a few goes to get used to.

  1. Dose & Co Pure Collagen Peptides Unflavoured Powder

£26.99 for 18 servings

While this product does technically come in one big tub, it’s the versatility of this tasteless powder - allowing it to be baked into anything from banana bread to banoffee pie - where its grab-and-go potential shines through. 

A good option for keen home cooks, or those who are trying to cut down on packaging, Dose & Co’s website is packed with ideas for spiking everyday recipes with collagen. 

Try whipping up collagen-infused muffins, stirring the powder into your lunchtime serving of soup pre-commute, or baking the collagen into a batch of brownies to be slipped into a lunchbox.

The entire Dose & Co range is free from artificial colours, flavours, fillers and binders, and each serving administers 10,000mg of sustainably sourced bovine collagen. 

  1. Swisse Me Collagen & Manuka Honey Jelly Sticks

£14.95 for 10 jellies

Can’t turn down a Haribo when it’s offered? Swisse Me’s delightfully wobbly jelly sticks could be just the ticket - these citrusy supplements are a skin-loving saviour for your afternoon sugar craving, and the impressive ingredient list will benefit your skin in more ways than one. 

Alongside 500mg of marine collagen, each stick is packed with manuka honey, rosehip, and blood orange - all brimming with their own beneficial properties.

Manuka honey and aloe vera reduce the type of inflammation seen with acne, while rosehip extract is rich in vitamin C. As with Swisse Me’s daily shots, blood orange comes bursting with vitamin C, vitamin A, and - most importantly - a delicious zesty taste, making these jelly sticks feel like a proper treat.

  1. KIMMEL Collagen Bar

£34.50 for 12 bars

If you’re partial to a piece of shortbread, you’ll get a kick out of KIMMEL’s crumbly, cookie-like bar. With a hint of vanilla and a subtle twist of coconut, these bars - which come in a decent 45g serving (19 percent of which is collagen) - are just the way to curb a biscuit craving. 

New to the market, the bars are packed with healthy fats thanks to key ingredients such as cashews and cacao butter. Expect 12g of protein in each serving, leaving your stomach - and sweet tooth - satisfied all the way until your next meal.

  1. Dewty Glow Stick Beauty Collagen Drink

£20 for 14 sachets

Available in peach or strawberry-lemon flavour, Dewty’s offering administers a powerful dose of collagen, delivering 6400mg all up. 

Each sachet also stars an impressive side cast of ingredients: hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, and D3, and zinc - great for reducing inflammation, and boosting immune health. The powder comes ready to stir into a cool glass of water, making it the ideal substitute for those who crave a sweet soft drink during the day. 

It's only drawback is its solubility - the powder doesn’t dissolve as easily as other powders on the market. However, at £20 for a two-week supply, this is one of the most affordable options on our list - perfect for a glow on a budget.

  1. SkinGlo Collagen Drink Sachets

£55 for 14 sachets

Pumped with 8000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen, flavoured to taste like exotic fruits, and presented in a handbag-proof sachet, Skinglo’s solution delivers on all fronts. 

Alongside collagen, the drink serves up wheat lipid extract (rich in skin-loving ceramides), as well as hyaluronic acid and a wide ensemble of B vitamins - all the better for supporting your body at a cellular level.

The shottable formula is designed to be drunk straight,  but it can also be stirred into water or another cold drink if you prefer a more gentle mango-peach taste. The brand advises against blitzing it directly into a smoothie, as the process could reduce the efficacy of the ingredients - however, you can still stir it in afterwards if a collagen smoothie is your must-have.

At £55 for 14 sachets, SkinGlo’s offering is almost double the price of competing products - a factor to consider if you’re incorporating collagen into your diet long-term.

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