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10 Practical and comfortable walking shoes for women

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10 Practical and comfortable walking shoes for women
If you're into quite walking, these are some practical and useful shoes to consider
One of the trickier things with outdoor exercise may not necessarily be the exercise itself, but in having the best footwear for it, with some distinctions between running shoes and walking shoes. The shoe industry is so varied that it can be quite a task to sift through the hundreds of available choices.
Whether you’re into long walks, trekking or hikes, we’re presenting you with ten great choices for all your walking needs.

Feethit walking shoes

Feethit shoes
With a lace-up closure design, and a synthetic outer material, these shoes are light, breathable and supportive. Made from elastic memory foam and having non-slip grip, they’re a great choice for going to the gym, going for a run or on extended walks.

Abboos tennis shoes

Abboos tennis shoes
These tennis shoes are a solid choice for physical activity—they have a removable memory foam insole which helps with shock absorption and general comfort. Meanwhile the outsole is ultra-light for convenient use, with a breathable upper mesh material to allow feet to stay cool and dry.

Regatta walking shoes

Regatta shoes
Made from sturdy synthetic waterproof material with padded collars, these shoes are perfect for the outdoors and hiking. They have a rubberised toe for extra comfort, with an internal EVA pocket for more relief.

Karrimor shoes

Karrimor shoes
Sturdy but with a 100 per cent mesh composition and breathable lining, these shoes ensure your feet receive air and stay dry. The shoes also feature a textured and raised sole for extra grip when walking or use in exercise.

Skechers gym shoes

Skechers shoes
These Skechers trainers keep things simple and to-the-point, with a low-top shaft for easily slipping them on and off. They’re lightweight, with a faux leather outer material and breathable mesh design for good air circulation.

Hobibear walking shoes

Hobibear shoes
Made with a noticeable low-profile and wide fitting around the toes, these shoes are great for walks and going on runs in comfort. They have a wear-resistant rubber sole which is ideal for repeated use and they’re suitable for a variety of exercises but also comfortable enough for regular day-to-day use.

Mountain Warehouse hiking shoes

Mountain warehouse shoes
If you live for the outdoors and are into hiking and trekking, you already know you need appropriate gear for your walks. This includes footwear that’s breathable and sturdy with a great grip, like these Mountain Warehouse shoes.
The shoes are also waterproof, with a water-resistant and durable upper layer and a cushioned footbed that’s shaped to support your feet.

Reebok ultra 7 walking shoes

Reebok Ultra 7 shoes
These Reebok shoes do the basics well. Made from a robust leather material, they’re hard-wearing and great for taking on walks. They also have a MemoryTech foam for added comfort and feet cushioning.
Plus, Reebok’s signature design will give you style as well as comfort in your footwear choice.

FitVille extra wide walking shoes

FitVille wide shoes
With lightweight mesh material, these shoes are comfortable and airy. They also feature an extra-wide toe design that’s made to fit the shape of your feet more naturally.
The shoes have a removable elastic insole that’s great for long periods of standing without fatigue. Also included is a useful anti-slip outer sole for better grip and use on slippery surfaces.

Skechers low-cut walking shoes

Skechers low-cut shoes
Rounding off the list is another Skechers entry, a low-cut shoe made from textile and synthetic material. It has an air-cooled memory foam insole, with a lace-up front featuring uniquely coloured laces to accompany its Skechers logo.
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This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you. Read our disclaimer

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