Sell your home quickly and for the best price

BY Helen Dewdney

10th Oct 2022 Property

Sell your home quickly and for the best price

Wondering how to sell your home quickly and at a good price? Helen Dewdney shares her advice for getting your house ready to sell

With turmoil in the housing market, prices are beginning to drop and it is becoming more difficult to get a mortgage. So how can you make the best of your home to get it sold quickly and at the best price? 

You’ll find you can increase the desirability of your home without spending too much

First sight improvements 

First impressions count, so make your home welcoming from the moment potential buyers set foot on your property. 

Front of a house

Make the front of your house appealing from the get-go with some nice plants

Clean any outside areas, the door, number/house name and windows. If you have space, put out a couple of plant pots to brighten and welcome visitors.  

If it’s cold outside, make sure the inside is warm and inviting. Put curtains and blinds on windows if you don’t have them, as they help a place feel more homely and personal. 

Make it look clean, spacious and smell fresh 

Mess puts people off. You want to give the impression that people can move straight in and live there too. Declutter. Put things away. (Don’t just throw things in cupboards, some people will open them!) This also gives the appearance of more space and having enough storage. But you want to show personalisation too, not just a sterile environment. 

If you aren’t intending on keeping your furniture, sell the bulkier stuff and put in smaller items. 

Cleaning the house

Clean your home thoroughly before a viewing

Clean throughout the home before a visit. Make everything sparkle! Get rid of any limescale or mould in the bathroom and put out fresh, neatly placed towels. Clean skirting boards and doors.  

Air the place by opening windows and remember that air freshener just masks smells for a short time. If your home smells of air freshener, then people will assume you have just sprayed it to cover up something else! So, use a neutraliser, especially if you have pets. Your prospective buyers may be put off if a dog has been living there. Consider leaving the dog with someone whilst you have prospective buyers visiting. 

"Clean throughout the home before a visit. Make everything sparkle!"

You may have heard a tip to have coffee brewing but while some people may find that lovely, many dislike the smell! Maybe bread baking, but that’s a little obvious. Flowers can be a good addition to making your place homely, but people can be allergic to some flowers such as lilies, so choose wisely. Put out a bowl of fruit or even chocolate which you could offer. 

Make sure doorways are clear, so that people can easily pass through. Placing mirrors strategically can give an impression of more space as you move from one room to another. Narrow hallways can be made to look wider by placing long mirrors along both sides. Rooms can be made to look bigger with big mirrors. Ensure good lighting to show everything, literally, in its best light! 

Sell with no chain 

The risk of chains failing is now higher, with lending and affordability at their most challenging.  

Ellora Coupe, the founder of Home to Renovate, says “If you can, be prepared to move into a rental before you start looking to buy. Offering your property with no chain can be a simpler and quicker sale process and be much more attractive to buyers.”   

Of course this might also involve evaluating your home-buying budget to factor in additional costs for renting post-sale. That way you can get a clear sense of what’s affordable, and whether going chain-free is right for you.

Outside space 

If you have a garden, weed it, clear the toys, and clean the furniture. Make it look as low maintenance as possible. 

A pretty garden

Make your garden look as inviting as possible

As with the rest of the property, you want people to imagine themselves living there. 

Make improvements 

You could undertake some home improvements yourself if you are willing and able! But, if not, and you need to get someone else in, remember that builders are in short supply. So, think about booking these in ASAP! 

Paint over any stains and keep wall colours neutral. Think about upgrading doorknobs and switches so they are shiny and new. 

"When people go round your house the little things could put them off making an offer"

You may be used to that door squeaking but when people go round your house the little things could put them off making an offer. So, fix that squeaky floorboard or dodgy door handle.  

Use your network 

Before you talk to an estate agent, use your social and professional networks to tell people that you’re looking to sell. Quite often neighbours will have friends or family who are looking to move to the area. Who better to sell your home than someone who wants a friend to buy it?  

Ask around for recommendations and don’t just go with the first one. Invite three and compare the cost of multi-agency versus single agency. Ask them lots of questions such as how many houses they have on the books, how many sales have they made and in what time frame and how the market is currently looking in your area? 

Good luck in selling your home! 

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