Curtains or blinds?

Window dressings are an important part of the finishing process during a renovation, not to mention money-savers when it comes to keeping the warmth in during winter.


Your options include a wide range of drapes and pelmets, curtains and valances, and various styles of blind including verticals, venetians and shutters. Here are the most important considerations when choosing curtains or blinds.

  • Function: What is the main function of your window coverings: privacy, insulation or light control?
  • Budget: If you set a budget for curtains and blinds it'll narrow your choices and save you time when it comes to shopping around for available options. Do some internet research to get an idea of pricing.
  • Theme or style: Think about whether you're going to adopt a theme or particular style before you begin renovating. Whether your renovation is purely cosmetic or it involves major structural changes, you'll need to refer back to your plan to make sure that all the elements, including curtains and blinds, continue the theme using ornamental cords to hold drapes back or decorative pelmets, etc. These small touches can add a great deal to the overall effect.
Factors to consider
  • If you live in a warm climate, blinds are a good choice. They will block sunlight and limit heat build-up, and allow you to open the windows and let air circulate while keeping out the hot, bright sun.
  • In colder climates, fit heavy, lined curtains. These can cut heat loss by up to one-third in winter. Make sure the curtains fit closely to the window, and extend beyond the bottom and sides of the frame.
  • Add a close-fitting box pelmet to the top of the window frame to prevent draughts coming in over the top of the curtain.
  • Avoid synthetic materials or any materials treated with stain repellents and fire retardants as they may emit fumes.