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7 Home Cleaning Services You Need To Know About


16th Sep 2020 Home & Garden

7 Home Cleaning Services You Need To Know About

Cleaning is the one job around the home that’s never ending. Every person (or pet!) that uses your property will add to the mess in some form or another. From dirty carpets to grease-ridden ovens, it can be difficult to tackle all of the cleaning yourself. That’s why it pays to hire expert cleaners near you, especially if you are short on time or if the job is complex.

If you are considering hiring a cleaner, here are 7 home cleaning services you need to know about.

Carpet Cleaning

It’s so easy to forget how much hidden dirt and bacteria are in carpets, especially if they are a darker colour. While it’s possible to ‘spot clean’ stains in your carpets, this doesn’t compare to professional carpet cleaning. It’s recommended you have your carpets cleaned at least once a year. Though for areas of high traffic (or if shoes have been worn on the carpet) then you may want to increase this to at least every 6 months.

Deep Cleaning

Most of us undertake regular cleaning of our home, but deep cleaning is a whole other ball game. From steam cleaning upholstery to removing burnt-on grease in your kitchen, deep cleaning uses professional tools and equipment to thoroughly rid your home of dirt. Deep cleaning is also advisable if the property hasn’t been subject to regular cleaning.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

When you move out of rented accommodation you are often required to undertake an end of tenancy cleaning. This involves a thorough top to bottom cleaning of the property so that it is left as clean as when you moved in. Professional end of tenancy cleaning company from London, makes the process much more straightforward than attempting it yourself. It also means you don’t have to take time off work as a team will spend the day completing the job, which would otherwise take one person hours or even days to complete depending on the level of cleanliness of the property.

Gutter Cleaning

People don’t give their gutters a second thought until they start causing problems. Gutters are designed to collect excess rainwater that would otherwise disrupt the soil holding up the property’s foundations. Blocked gutters can wreak havoc on your home, and can even cause damp and mould issues inside of it. Professional gutter cleaners use specialist equipment to reach the height of your gutter to clean them safely and easily.

Oven Cleaning

Burnt on grease doesn’t just make your oven look unsightly, it could be a fire hazard too. Ovens get plenty of use and over time this begins to show. While you could buy an oven cleaning solution and scrub it clean yourself, it’s far easier to have a professional take care of it for you. Oven cleaning should be done regularly to ensure the best hygiene practices.

Post Construction Cleaning

When you dreamed of that new extension or kitchen renovation, you probably didn’t picture the trial of dust and dirt that would be left behind. Even if your builders tidy as they go, it can be impossible to thoroughly remove all of the debris that has been created. Post construction cleaning is ideal for anyone who has just had building work done to their home. That way you can sit back and enjoy your newly improved property without any of the mess or stress that comes with having building work done.

Window Cleaning

Did you know windows make up approximately 25% of the total wall space of your home? Clean windows can greatly enhance the look of your property. However, as windows tend to be up high they aren’t the easiest nor safest things to clean. Professional window cleaning will ensure your windows are left sparkling clean in a way that’s safe and efficient. It’s recommended to have your windows cleaned once a month.

To Sum Up

Cleaning your home thoroughly is a complex job. It’s not always possible to do everything yourself. But with the average cleaner costing just £13 an hour to hire, it couldn’t be a more affordable service. From vacuuming to steam cleaning your carpets, cleaners can tackle it all!

Whether the job is complex, or if you simply don’t have the time to clean your home regularly, you can find professional local cleaners near you on Bark. Whatsmore, by having someone else take care of the cleaning for you, this gives you more time to spend doing what you enjoy.

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