Clearing up pension confusion

Reader's Digest Editors 30 November -0001

Choosing the right pension can be a minefield. Frequent changes in legislation; the bewildering array of products available; the prevalence of fraudsters; the inherent complexity of the subject - navigating your way to pension security can often seem overwhelming and confusing.


The impact of making a poorly informed decision when choosing a pension can be significant; a bad choice made during the selection process can have knock-on effects years later, leaving you significantly out of pocket at a time when you can least afford it.

It is startling then that, according to YouGov statistics, almost three-quarters (72%) of adults in the UK have never taken pensions advice from a qualified professional. On top of this, 40% are unaware of how many pension pots they currently have an investment in, and 73% don’t know how much their pension assets are worth.

The confusion isn’t limited to just the consumer. Even those responsible for the legislation often find pensions unnecessarily complicated; a recent poll found that 39% of MPs believe the current pension system is not fit for purpose.

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