Five London areas where starting a commercial activity is extremely profitable

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25th Jul 2022 Life

Five London areas where starting a commercial activity is extremely profitable

Everybody knows that London is one of the world capitals of trading, commerce and retail.

The enormous number of residents (more than 9.500.000 at the beginning of 2022), combined with the continuous inflow of tourists (about 7.400.000 visits, waiting to re-establish the same amounts of the pre-pandemic era), make the British capital a highly wanted hub for every kind of commercial activity.

Clearly, everyone – whether he/she is a British citizen or a foreigner investor – who wants to start a business in London must detect first the most profitable area among the ones available in the city’s urban tissue. And when it comes with a megalopolis like London, getting mislead or even deceived is very simple. That’s why having clear ideas about the location of our future business is crucial. Especially if we're talking about the retail sector.

Let’s try to put it in other words. Do you want to open a shop in London? First: you must be aware that, as of today, running a local independent shop is anything but simple. Second: you must know which is the most responsive area of the city for what concerns your specific business. Or as an alternative, you must gain full knowledge of which areas have proved to be remunerative basically for any kind of business. The latter are not that much: the five most enticing ones are listed below.

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