How to Reduce Pet Insurance Premiums

Pet insurance is a great way to ensure your animals receive the best treatment and care when things go wrong or they get old; it is something most appreciate they need. The good news is that you can find pet insurance quotes that provide you with a better deal, giving you great benefits as well as reducing your premiums in many cases.

Shop Around

  • One of the easiest ways to reduce pet insurance premiums and find the best packages is by shopping around for better deals. Just like with other insurance, you can compare pet insurance quotes through comparison websites but should also spend some time researching yourself.
  • Read up on different pet insurance policies on websites like Which before you start comparing. This ensures you understand the top dog insurance deals or know whether you need specialist insurance for an exotic pet.
  • You should also read pet insurance reviews and see what other owners think. If you attend a local agility club with your dog, for instance, you can see whether people have any recommendations regarding pet insurance.
  • If you have multiple pets, try to get them covered by one insurance policy. This will often be a lot cheaper than paying for multiple policies.

Only Cover What You Need

One of the most common mistakes people make with insurance is to cover more than they need. While most pet insurance policies cover vet fees to certain extent, there can be some differences whether you’ll receive unlimited cover or limited cover. It might be more appropriate to get limited cover, as it usually is a cheaper option. Do keep in mind your own ability to spend money in case something happens to your pet and whether you’ll be able to meet additional costs. If you feel you are able to pay out to cover costs in the event of an injury, you can opt for increasing your excess and thus pay less on the premiums.

Get Pets Covered While They Are Young and Healthy

It is essential to find pet insurance when your pet is still young and healthy. Pre-existing conditions will end up increasing your insurance premiums and you want to avoid having to insure your pet after a condition has been discovered. Pet insurance quotes for older pets also tend to be more costly.

Remember to be honest when buying the policy. If you are aware that your pet might have a pre-existing condition, or family history of a specific condition, you must share this with the insurance company. It might save you from having your claim refused along the line.

Micro-Chip Your Pet

Some insurance providers provide you a discount if your pet is micro-chipped. This also provides you more security in case your pet disappears, and is definitely worth considering.

Remember that the top dog insurance providers in England require your dog to be micro-chipped, due to recent changes in legislation.

Look After Your Pet

A healthy pet is a happy pet and you can continue keeping your premiums low if your pet remains healthy. Remember to take your pet annual jab shots and look after your pet’s health by focusing on diet, exercise, and other lifestyle aspects.

Not only will your pet live longer and be happier, you will also pay a lot less on your insurance.

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