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Things to Consider While Buying Unique Biker Jewellery

Motorcycling is not a hobby, but a lifestyle. Life of a biker is incomplete without unique accessories. For a real biker, jewellery is more than a show-off or more than a show-off or decoration.

Beautiful accessories are equally valuable for bikers. Bespoke jewellery can be a style statement for bikers. Biker’s jewelry is free from gender demarcation. The designs of jewelry are suitable for men and women. You can buy the latest designs of biker jewelry at Here are some things to consider while buying unique jewellery.


Jewellery for Lifestyle

Passionate bikers spend time with like-minded people. Their passion and zeal of lifestyle reflect in their unique accessories. Their jewellery and attitude make them different from others. Bikers prefer skull necklaces, skull ring, skull cuff, gothic/ dragon/ skull pendants, belt buckles, necklaces, and bracelets.

The motorcycle spell elegance and class to reflect the attitude of a biker. They spend maximum time in the maintenance of their machines. Their style, outfit, and jewelry can turn heads on the road. The jewelry plays an important role to define their personality. You can’t see a passionate biker without his/her special jewellery

Sign of Ferocity

Biker accessories often depict violence and unrest, such as bones, guns, knives, dragons, and skulls. The passionate bikers are different than usual people, so they prefer statement accessories. These symbols become an essential part of their lifestyle.

Biker culture is old because it was started after World War II. Bikers are hot-tempered and fiery people. Fighting in motorcycle gangs is a normal thing. They prefer brass knuckles to have for hand-to-hand fighting. In some states, brass knuckles are prohibited so that bikers can choose heavy and massive rings.

The most famous design in biker rings and bracelets is skulls. Badass bikers prefer it as an intimidating symbol. Skulls have profound meaning, such as a new beginning and destruction. A skull marks the death, but bikers believe that presence of skull with them can keep death away.

Colors for Biker Jewellery

Bikers prefer black and silver accessories and jewellery. Personal choices can vary because some bikers prefer gold over black and silver. Black and silver colors have high appeal in the community of hard-core bikers.

Maximum ornaments are made of steel, titanium or brass to decrease cost and increase their durability. The use of pure metal is rare because it is easy to break, so copper is used to increase durability and hardness. Silver is favorite for bikers because of its white sheen. The cold sheen of silver resembles the gleam of chromed bike parts. Moreover, silver accessories complement dark outfits of biker. Silver is famous for its antibacterial properties. It can’t cause allergies and feature positive energy.

Funky and edgy bracelets are also famous in bikers. They use it to emanate the true nature of biker, such as carefree style statement. You can get bracelets with skulls, spikes or other funky designs. Other amazing accessories for bikers are earrings, necklace, and buckles. Bikers get confidence, toughness, and attitude with their unique jewellery.


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