The art of travelling in style: suit tips for frequent business flyers

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The art of travelling in style: suit tips for frequent business flyers
Frequent business flyers need to look professional on corporate trips, but this can be difficult. Master the art of business travel and elevate your journey with these suit tips
Embarking on business trips can be thrilling—it entails discovering new locales, engaging with a diverse array of individuals, all while seamlessly incorporating it into your daily professional routine. However, when it comes to business travel in the UK, the demand to maintain a sharp, professional image for every meeting and corporate interaction remains paramount
Those well-acquainted with the lifestyle of frequent business travellers, who navigate the bustling world of airport terminals, will readily relate to the distinct challenges that arise from essentially living out of a suitcase. How does one ensure their suit stays impeccably wrinkle-free? How can you prevent your shirts from acquiring unsightly creases? And, perhaps most importantly, how can you achieve all this without compromising on comfort during your journey?
Luckily, by following these men’s formal suits and styling tips you can look smart and sophisticated from the very second you hit the tarmac. 

Get a quality suit

Suits crafted from durable, low-wrinkle materials like tweed or woollen blends prove to be excellent choices for the frequent traveller.
Man in a three-piece, blue tweed suit and yellow tie
Unlike traditional cotton or lightweight linen suits, these robust fabrics can endure the rigours of frequent packing and unpacking, remaining relatively crease-free. Their superior strength and performance make them the go-to option for business travellers seeking long-lasting attire.

Buy a suit bag

Suit bags are thoughtfully crafted to safeguard your clothing against potential damage and dust, and they play a crucial role in reducing the likelihood of wrinkles.
A blue House of Cavani suit bag
While a conventional suitcase often contains neatly folded or rolled attire, a suit bag enables you to pack your clothing flat, rendering it an ideal accessory for transporting suits, blazers, and other formal garments. For optimal outcomes, consider placing a layer of tissue paper between each piece to ward off any friction and creasing.

Pack carefully & smart

Packing a suitcase, especially when it comes to suits, is a skill that demands finesse. To achieve the best outcomes, adhere to the natural creases of your suit when folding to sidestep the formation of unattractive wrinkles.
"Adhere to the natural creases of your suit when folding to prevent wrinkles"
Alternatively, opt for rolling your suit instead of folding it to prevent the development of creases. Above all, exercise caution not to overcrowd your suitcase, as this can lead to your suits becoming crushed during your travels.

Take care of your shoes

With your suit well-preserved, the last thing you'd want during a business trip is your shoes failing you. Ensure your shoes remain in impeccable condition by employing a shoe brush to eliminate dirt and maintaining a regular polishing and shining routine. Additionally, safeguard your shoes from dust and potential damage by storing them in a shoe bag, which also prevents any polish from staining your clothing.

Hang your suits immediately

After a long flight, the allure of settling down at the hotel bar may be strong, but it's not the best choice for the welfare of your suits. Rather than indulging in that temptation, make it a priority to unpack your suits as soon as you reach your destination.
Grey, green, and brown tweed suits hung on a bronze clothing rail
Hang your suits in an area with good ventilation to permit creases and wrinkles to naturally smooth out. Use suitable wooden or padded hangers to ensure your suits remain in pristine condition throughout your stay.

Use an iron or steamer

In the event that your travel suit acquires wrinkles and creases during your journey, you can easily smooth them out by using an iron set on low heat or a dedicated garment steamer. When ironing a suit, remember to place a cloth between the iron and the fabric to prevent any potential damage from direct heat.

Dry clean as a last resort

Reserve dry cleaning for your suits for occasions when it's genuinely necessary, as the rigorous cleaning process may lead to gradual fabric deterioration. Instead, deal with stains, dirt, and spills by spot cleaning using a mild detergent or a suitable suit stain remover, being careful not to inadvertently spread the stain during the cleaning process.
"Only dry clean your suits for occasions when it's genuinely necessary"
Furthermore, after cleaning, ensure you air out your suit—this will help maintain its freshness and readiness for the next wear.

Take spare shirts

No matter how diligent you are in caring for your clothing, extended journeys can still lead to wrinkling or staining. In such situations, it's a wise practice to pack an extra shirt and tie as a precaution in case any others become damaged. This ensures that you'll always be well-prepared to uphold a polished and professional appearance when participating in corporate meetings and events.

Rotate your suits

Many seasoned business travellers tend to possess a selection of suits tailored for diverse corporate engagements and events. As a result, it's advisable to refrain from over-utilising a single suit and, instead, adopt a regular rotation among your suits.
"Refrain from over-utilising a single suit, and, instead, regularly rotate your suits"
This practice not only prolongs the lifespan of your suit collection but also mitigates the risk of excessive wear and tear on any particular suit.

Consider the climate

When preparing for a business trip, it's essential to take into account the climate and the cultural norms of your destination. If your journey leads you to a warm region, opting for a lightweight, summer suit crafted from breathable materials like linen proves to be more advantageous than a suit composed of heavier fabrics.
A man in a lightweight grey suit sits on a grey sofa
Nevertheless, keep in mind that linen is susceptible to creasing, so ensure careful packing and have the means to iron or employ a steamer for wrinkle removal. In contrast, if your destination resides within a conservative locale, it may be more fitting to select a formal suit in a dark hue that aligns with the local cultural norms.

Pack an umbrella

In the UK there's no assurance of encountering sunny weather, so It's imperative to prevent the inconvenience of arriving at a corporate meeting with a suit soaked by rain. Consequently, it's a prudent practice to include an umbrella in your suitcase or travel bag, particularly when the weather forecast predicts rain. This ensures that your suit remains dry and presentable.
Banner photo: A man in a suit travelling by foot (credit: Bram Naus (Unsplash))
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