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Here's how to get your shoes back into the perfect condition


26th Apr 2022 Down to Business

Here's how to get your shoes back into the perfect condition
After nearly two years of working from home, finally, people are returning to the offices and working in person.
Covid pandemic lockdown taught people how to balance office work at home with other household chores. But now for such people returning to offices, getting into a new routine and managing both family time and office can turn stressful.
But the most stressful thing, getting already in formals and going to the office. For the last two years, people just dressed from the waist up, wearing nice shorts, and attained zoom meetings. But now with the opening of the office, those casual dress days will be stopped. The transition to the physical workspace has forced people to confront a difficult task- how to reinforce expectations around professional clothing after more than two years of relaxed dress codes. Two years have passed since the formal shoes were placed on the shoe rack with the other dresses.

How to get your shoes back into the perfect condition

Shoe dye

Leather shoes come in a variety of styles, from boots to sneakers. But after two years of not wearing, it enough, the leather shoes start looking worn and ugly. So how do make your old leather shoes into new ones!
Leather Dye differs as it penetrates the surface of the leather to stain it. It also creates a rich-colored surface along with maintaining the properties of the leather surface. You can use shoe polish and shine cream. To clean dye the dyed shoes with shoe dye like any other leather product.
  • First, make sure to tape off the areas which you don’t want to dye
  • Dyeing is just like paint. You must apply it in pretty even coats for the leather to maintain an all-over color that doesn’t appear blotchy
  • You will need to apply more dye to the area with a paintbrush to get an even coating that builds up over time
  • Remember to apply leather dyes to only light-colored leathers
  • The dye must be allowed to dry after you have applied the desired color
  •  Also, you can use a blow dryer to speed out the process

Leather paint

Painting leather shoes is easy and has excellent results. But before starting the process, you need to prepare leather by removing the existing polish and coatings. Simply paint the shoes with leather paint and don’t overdo it.
  • While applying light colors over dark leather use multiple coats
  • Make sure you dry thoroughly between coats for at least 20 minutes
  • When the last coat has been applied, remove the masking tape
  • Also, you can use finisher paint to get a glossy look after the paint is fully dry

For suede shoes

If there are any watermarks, scuff marks, or stains, then there are a few points on how to clean suede shoes-
  • Swipe away surface debris with a suede brush or towel, going with the grain rather than against it
  • Use suede rubber to rub away any marks on the shoe's surface.
  • Rub the fabric alternately with a cloth dipped in white vinegar to remove stubborn stains
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