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7 Helpful travel gadgets for stress-free travelling


4th May 2023 Travel Guides

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7 Helpful travel gadgets for stress-free travelling
These are a few useful tech gadgets that will give you piece of mind on your travels
The advent of smart technology has made day-to-day life a lot more navigable and easier for millions of people worldwide—but this also extends outside of the home and to things like travel, which ideally we all want to be stress-free.
You’ll already have almost everything you need to travel probably in your hand or right next to you now in your smartphone, but there are still a few brilliant pieces of technology out there that are tailor made for giving you peace of mind when you travel.
Here are a couple of ingenious travel gadgets to look out for if you’re planning your next getaway.

Digital weight scale

digital travel scale
A digital scale can be very helpful in alleviating travel worry over airline luggage restrictions—namely weight, and this small but convenient scale does just what you need it to do. With a large enough to read LCD screen that can even be seen in the dark—it also has a 50kg weight limit and a high weighing accuracy, to eliminate possible errors when being used.
In addition to that, with the scale being so small, it can easily fit in your pocket, backpack or luggage for easy access.

iBlockCube worldwide travel adaptor

Worlwide travel adapter
A worldwide travel adapter can be a real lifesaver depending on where you plan on travelling to, saving the headache of remembering what you need and buying adapters for specific trips. This adapter covers over 150 countries and comes with four plugs and two USB ports for extra connectivity.
Note: This adapter cannot be used in South Africa, India, Israel, Switzerland and Italy.

Handheld portable steamer

portable clothes steamer
You may relate to the annoyance of being abroad and needing freshly ironed clothes for nights out or dinner and either finding your hotel room has no iron, or it doesn’t have a great iron. This is where portable steamers come in, it’s a perfect choice for steaming hanging clothes to remove wrinkles, with a 300ml tank and 1400W power usage.
The steamer also comes with anti-dry technology to prevent it from damaging your clothes when turned on, but it’s suitable for a variety of materials including silk, linen, nylon, denim, wool and more.
Note: This steamer needs to be preheated for 20-30 seconds before use.

Hands-free phone holder

Universal phone mount
Maybe you’re not quite in the mood for the plane’s in-flight entertainment and you want to watch something on your phone, but with nothing to hold your phone up you have to find the perfect way to have it lean or just have it lie flat, which can be a nuisance. The solution in the form of a flexible phone holder seems so simple, it’s amazing everyone isn’t already using one!
This phone mount is travel-sized and can clip onto the back of airplane tray tables, luggage handles or free stand on a table or desk. It’s wonderfully versatile and great for removing the tiring need to constantly hold your phone for a video call or to watch videos.

Bluetooth sleep mask

Bluetooth eyemask
Combining the best of both worlds in—comfort with a sleep mask, and leisure with Bluetooth capability, this mask is a unique way to simultaneously get some needed sleep during travel and relax to music. It can be charged in one to two hours for around a ten-hour use time, which is more than enough for your average train journey as well as most short-medium length flights.

Jisulife handheld fan

Jisu handheld fan
We all know a good handheld fan can be a lifesaver in the sweltering heat of summer or in hot countries, so it can be a fairly useful idea to keep one to hand for your summer travels. This fan comes in five colours and can last from 14-21 hours with two different speed options— also doubling up as a power bank in case you needed an extra bit of charge. 
It’s small and compact enough to fit in your pocket, with an adjustable design allowing it to free-stand on a table or fit neatly in your hand.

Mini power bank

Mini power bank
Power banks have become a bit of a travel staple for frequent travellers or people that find themselves in the great outdoors for extended periods of time. It’s for good reason. As the convenience of extending your phone battery life on the go is invaluable.
This device is perfectly travel-sized, light, features both a USB-A and USB-C port and has 22.5w fast-charging capability. It’s also compatible with a wide variety of smartphones and is not restricted to just android or iPhones.
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