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5 UK hotel programmes tapping into the sleep tourism trend

BY Ronny Maye

18th Apr 2024 Places To Visit

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5 UK hotel programmes tapping into the sleep tourism trend
A new travel and wellness trend, sleep tourism is on the rise globally and here are some hotels to visit with special sleep programmes in the UK
With sleep tourism having a moment and in the spotlight for 2024 travel trends, hotels around the globe are meeting guest demands to prioritise sleep with elevated amenities and rejuvenating bedtime routines.

What is the sleep tourism trend?

From work and meetings to children and household tasks, people are contending with day-to-day responsibilities and obligations that can impact a restful slumber. Many find that breaking away for even a night can be beneficial.
So, what is sleep tourism? It’s as simple as it sounds. People are travelling or embarking on staycations to sleep. We want a good night’s rest, and hotels across the globe are listening. As the trend continues to grow, hotels are developing different programmes and unique amenities to help guests fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
Hotels are trying a myriad of antics to lure guests. Some amenities include aromatherapy, eye masks, non-alcoholic wind-down beverages, and sound machines. At more elaborate properties, guests can opt for sound baths, meditation, breathwork techniques, massages, or mineral soaks to induce sleep. The power of sleep is merged with technology as some hotels turn to smart beds, sleep analyses, or blinds that automatically open to awaken guests to natural light or sounds. Several sleep programmes turn to nutrition and alcohol-free options to promote rest.
No matter what you’re looking for, there is a hotel with a sleep programme for you. Here are our favourites across the UK.

1. A Perfect Night’s Sleep Package at The Hastings Hotel

The first element to achieving a good night’s sleep is in the bedding. A comfortable mattress, luxury linen and the perfect pillow combination are the highlights of the Perfect Night’s Sleep Package across the Hastings Hotel brands.
"Each room features a Cloud Bed, equipped with a deep pillow layer to make guests feel like they are 'floating on clouds'"
Each room features a Cloud Bed, equipped with a deep pillow layer to make guests feel like they are “floating on clouds.” Snuggle into the luxury linen crafted by Vision Linens. In a partnership with Woolow, you will get wool pillows that boast the perfect firmness level, neck support and thermal regulation while you sleep. The room will also have a customised pillow spray from the wellness brand I AM SELF-CARE. You’ll have no trouble falling fast asleep with fragrance notes of rosewood, ylang-ylang, and lavender.

2. Linger and Dreem at The Twenty-Two

Sound bowl
Located in the upscale Mayfair area of London, The Twenty-Two uniquely blends elegance, sophistication and tranquility in a 31-bed hotel. As a smaller hotel, you’ll encounter fewer disruptions throughout your stay. That alone will help you comfortably rest all night.
After exploring the city, tuck into a new bedtime routine with their multi-sensory sleep experience, Linger and Dreem in a partnership with Dreem Distillery. This is perfect for guests who like incorporating CBD-based products into their wellness routines. In the comfort of your suite unwind with a full-body massage and CBD botanicals. The real treat is the accompanying in-room sound healing session. I’ve had a few sound healing sessions, and within minutes I found myself relaxed and nodding off to la-la land.

3. The Sleep Sanctuary package at The Laslett

What looks like an ordinary row of townhouses is a boutique hotel of 51 guestrooms and suites, with a unique spin on wellness. The Laslett in Notting Hill has just launched The West London Sleep Sanctuary package, promising the best sleep ever.
"There’s no need to rush as late check-out is included in your stay"
As you prepare for bed, melt the day away with luxury skincare products, such as cleansing oil and overnight masks from Votary. Bedside, find a selection of books to deter you from distractions such as television or doom scrolling on your phone. As a nightcap, the onsite bar has handcrafted mocktails or you can indulge in a cup of cacao sleep tea, available in the room. The Drowsy silk eye mask feels like little clouds on your eyes as it blocks all light for an uninterrupted slumber.
The real perk here? There’s no need to rush as late check-out is included in your stay.

4. Sleep Matters by Chuan at The Langham

Woman having a facial at a spa
Langham introduced their sleep wellness programme, Sleep Matters by Chuan, in partnership with the World Sleep Society. Using the Five Elements theory from traditional Chinese Medicine, you can enter a state of relaxation through breathing exercises. These exercises complement the featured sleep-inducing spa services such as the signature facial or CBD massage.
The Sterling Suite has a virtual personal trainer if you fancy a pre-sleep workout. You can also request a yoga mat or weighted blanket from the front desk. Other wellness amenities in the suite are cushioned sleep masks, bedtime readings from Healthier Sleep Magazine, and a curated music playlist.
Whatever you choose, you’ll awake refreshed and ready to take on the day.

5. Try Cocoon Sleeping at The Zedwell

It may seem difficult to create a sleep oasis in a city centre amid 750 guest rooms, but Zedwell has mastered just that. They are the first sleep-centred hotel in the UK.
"Creating a sleep oasis in a city centre, The Zedwell is the first sleep-centred hotel in the UK"
While most guests will book a room based on views, here, you will experience windowless and soundproof rooms to mitigate any distractions from sleep. Fret not, the rooms have ambient changing colour lights and aromatic scents to help transition you from day to night. The private sanctuaries, called cocoons, mimic nature with oak finishes and are reminiscent of hostel-style lodging.
You can choose a room that sleeps any number of people from solo travel up to groups of eight. The cocoons have luxury linen and rainfall showers for the ultimate nature-like experience.

Bonus recommendation

As a bonus recommendation, The Cadogan in London offers sleep hypnotherapy. Sleep expert Malminder Gill leads you in a sleep-inducing meditation session that can be paired with a weighted blanket or a personalised selection from their pillow menu.
As the trend continues to grow in popularity, we hope you’re able to tap in and start getting the sleep you deserve.
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