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The best cities for tapas in Spain

The best cities for tapas in Spain
If you are truly a foodie person, then Spain should without a doubt be on your bucket list.
Spain is famous for many reasons which include the beaches, the history, landmarks, attractions, famous people, islands and of course the food and drinks. In terms of the food and drinks, you probably have heard about tapas before. Tapas is being served and made all over the world in different versions, but nothing compares to the authentic Spanish tapas, served in Spain.
If you’re planning an exciting Spanish holiday, you should look for great tapas experiences. Although tapas can be found everywhere in Spain, some cities are very famous for their tapas culture and options. In this article, you’ll be guided through some of these exciting cities.

Free tapas in Granada

This city is one of probably the best cities to try out tasty Spanish tapas in. Granada is known for many reasons, which includes Alhambra, which is a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage. But what makes Granada special, in terms of tapas, is that it has a long history of giving it out for free. When you buy a drink in Granada, you’ll often get free tapas.

San Sebastian

This city is located in the northern part of Spain. San Sebastian is known for being the food capital of Spain, and you’ll be able to find several Michelin restaurants in the city. Well known for more gourmet-kind-of tapas.


There is always a reason to visit the capitals of the world. Spain’s capital Madrid offersa wealth of things for you to explore, but the tapas in Madrid are well worth checking out. There are many bars and bistros in the city, which offer a truly authentic experience.

Cheap tapas in Malaga

Malaga is very popular, especially for those seeking sunnier weather in the winter. Malaga is based on the coast called Costa del Sol. In Malaga, you will be able to experience interesting attractions as well as get some tasty and cheap tapas.

Thousands of tapas bars in Seville

It is worth mentioning Seville in this matter. The city of Seville has around 3000 tapas bars, so there are plenty of options for doing a tapas tasting in this famous city.

Eat local

If you want the best tapas experience when you’re in Spain, then look for the places, where the locals eat. The more local, the more authentic.
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