Explore Costa Rica

Explore Costa Rica


This beautiful Central American country is known for doing things differently. From its stunning array of wildlife to its approach to sustainability, it really is quite unlike anywhere else in the world – and anyone who pays a visit is in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


With one of the most diverse climates in the World, Costa Rica is the perfect year-round destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. There is no real summer or winter in Costa Rica, the sun shines throughout the year and its unlikely you’ll see the temperature drop below 20 degrees even in the cooler months. Although that does depend on where you are in Costa Rica as the Country is blessed with incredibly diverse micro climates. The great variety in climates is mainly due to the geographical diversity. Being closer to the equator, it has been classified as a tropical country. However with its own distinct climatic zones it has a lot to offer in terms of weather.

On average the hottest months in Costa Rica are March and May while the coolest are December and January. Of course these are averages and this greatly varies on location.

Tourists tend to visit in their thousands during the dry season (December – April) but perfect sunny days at the beach during the rainy season (May – November) aren’t unusual.

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"Costa Rica covers just 0.03% of the earth’s surface but is home to almost 4% of the total estimated species on the planet; a remarkable 500,000 species are contained within its borders"

It may be a small country, but the astonishing diversity of flora and fauna flourishing beneath its verdant rainforest canopies and it’s longstanding commitment to protecting wildlife and promoting green living have attracted international interest from those intrigued by its inventive and often revolutionary approach to sustainability, environmental conservation and progressive social ideals.

Any visitor is immediately presented with a vast array of stunning scenery; lush rainforests, glistening jungle-fringed beaches, teeming rivers and towering volcanoes await the intrepid traveller, while the country’s towns and cities, particularly the capital San José, contain a wealth of architectural and cultural treasures, including world-class museums and galleries, presidential palaces and dazzling public gardens.

"Costa Rica’s national park system is a network of protected rainforests, tropical dry forests, cloud forests, marine areas and wetlands"
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As a world leader in conservation policies, it’s protected nature reserves encompass over 25% of its total land mass and are home to a rich diversity of wildlife – butterflies and hummingbirds flit through the air while the whoops of mantled howler monkeys and birdsong echo from treetop to forest floor. The observant visitor also has a chance to catch sight of some of Costa Rica’s more elusive endangered species, including sloths, ocelots, jaguars and cougars.

At Tortuguero National Park you’ll see crocodiles lurk lazily beneath the surface of the freshwater rivers, it’s also home to the somewhat less intimidating green turtle. Guided boat tours are available to anyone who wants to experience this dramatic and evocative landscape.

At Arenal Volcano visitors can leave ground level and head up into the trees on the hanging bridges that traverse the rainforest canopy. The contrast between the lava fields around the currently dormant volcano and surrounding verdant rainforest means that breathtaking panoramic vistas are in rich supply.

Manual Antonio National Park is one of the most diverse spots in the World with nearly 200 species of birds and over 100 species of animals residing in the park. You can also make the most of the beautiful white sand beaches, soak up the views and experience the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

The phrase “pura vida” which means pure life has become the unofficial motto of Costa Rica and it’s easy to see why. The thriving vibrancy of it’s wildlife is mirrored in the life embracing and dynamic approach of it’s people and the warm welcome and inspirational experiences of this beautiful Country will Imbue you with a new and colourful lease on life.


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