Majorca holiday – What to see and where to stay?


21st Feb 2022 Travel

Majorca holiday – What to see and where to stay?
Majorca and its countless beaches and Mediterranean climate make it the ideal holiday destination. In recent years, it has mostly been known for its party beaches, but it offers just as much culture and family-friendly fun for tourists with children.
If you want to experience a holiday in the warmth, here are the basics about the Balearic Island, where you can stay, and what you can do.

Majorca basics

Majora is the largest Balearic Island and part of Spain. Its Mediterranean climate makes it a popular holiday and expat destination, especially for European tourists. It is home to two mountainous regions and many caves, above and below sea level. The coast is surrounded by clear turquoise water which can be enjoyed on over 260 beaches.
The warm weather and the large number of beaches that make Majorca attractive to tourists have led to many high-quality tourist amenities developing on the island, further increasing the number of holidaymakers.

Best places to stay

You will have no problem finding high-quality accommodation on the island. Next to the many resorts and hotels on Majorca, you have a wide variety of beautiful and affordable holiday lettings to choose from.

How to get around

The island has an area of about 3,640.11 km2. Naturally, renting a car makes it easy to get around freely. If you plan to move in a relatively small radius, Majorca’s flat centre, climate, and diversity of roads make it a popular destination for cyclists. Many cities are bike-friendly and a 24 km long segregated cycling track leads from Porto Cristo to Carla Bona.
Cities like Palma and Soller have their own metro and tram networks. Busses are available but might offer limited service on weekends.


Majorca offers a variety of activities:

Day Trips

  • Island Tour: The preplanned Island Tour for a little less than €80 will cover all highlights on the western part of the island in one day. It includes, among other things, riding the Soller train and a boat ride along the coast.
  • Family-Friendly Fun: Majorca has several activities that children will enjoy. There are multiple water parks (in Magaluf, Alcúdia, and El Arenal), the Palma Aquarium, Karting in Magaluf, and many more.

Best Beaches

Majorca has more than 260 beaches in total, each of them leading to the clear, turquoise water surrounding the Island. You’ll fill find anything from picture-perfect white sand beaches to remote rocky coves. Most resort towns have multiple beaches that are typically heavily frequented. If you want a more private experience, you’ll have to put in some more effort than just stumbling out of the hotel and onto the beach.
Here are three great beaches on Majorca:
  • El Toro, Port Adriano: The El Toro beach right next to the Port Adriano marina is one of the quieter and family-friendly beaches on Majorca. The water has a good temperature, and it is both clear and shallow, so bathing with children is safer than in other spots.
  • Cala Torta, Arta: The Cala Torta beach is a natural beach in the northeast of Mallorca. To get there you’ll have to travel a couple of kilometres on uneven non-paved roads, but it's worth it. The beach is typically calm and framed by cliffs and untouched nature. The sand is white and soft. The water is clear and perfect for snorkelling, but the shallow water deepens suddenly, parents with children should beware. There are no amenities other than a small shack offering refreshments and food. 
  • Playa de Palma, Palma de Majorca: The Playa de Palma is the island’s longest beach. It covers about 6 km on the coast of Palma. Little kiosks separate it into 15 areas, and it is littered with vendors offering anything from food and drink to parasols. Being a resort beach, it is usually bustling with tourists, but that also means you will find plenty of amenities and activities there.

Experiencing Nature

Majorca has several natural attractions. Both the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range and the Cuevas del Drach are UNESCO World Heritage sites:
  • The Serra de Tramuntana offers great scenery filled with peaks and caves in the limestone mountain range that is perfect for hiking fans.
  • The Cuevas del Drach are a system of four caves about 25 m underground in Porte Cristo. They are filled with one of the world’s largest subterranean lakes, and many stalactites and stalagmites adorn the cave floors and ceilings.


Majorca is a great location for those who want to have fun and party on the beach. Or you can enjoy the island’s nature and geography. Majorca has over 260 beaches and offers countless activities aimed at entertaining tourists. The many resort towns and holiday lettings provide beautiful accommodations, and a rental car or bike helps you discover the island on your own terms. 
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