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Krakow - Top Weekend Destination


6th Nov 2020 Travel

Krakow - Top Weekend Destination

As we enter lockdown once more you may been keen to start exploring where your first weekend trip abroad may be once we can travel again. 

If you are looking for an affordable location that’s only a couple of hours plane ride away then Krakow could be the place for you. 

This city, located in the southern part of Poland offers countless opportunities for travellers. Think museums, monumental buildings with unique styles, never-ending parties, outdoor activities and atmospheric restaurants where you can experience delicious cuisines from all over the world (have you heard that Krakow is the second most vegan-friendly European city?)

Come and see for yourself what Krakow has in store!

Iconic city centre

The first images that appear when searching Krakow in Google will be the Main Square, tenement houses and, of course, the most iconic building in Krakow - Sukiennice (Cloth Hall). This central part of the city stayed almost untouched since the XIII century. Main Square is filled with multiple antique churches and surrounded by charming townhouses in a specific style and crowned by Cloth Hall, which has been playing an essential role in international trade for over the years. Besides historical value, Main Square is the most willingly chosen place to embark or cease journeys around Krakow.

Krakow Body.png

Here, in Sukiennice and other local stores, you can find handmade souvenirs, hand-painted pottery and loads of Polish artisan products. On the ground floor of tenement houses are restaurants that serve a wide range of cuisines, not only local ones. Maybe these are not the best places to eat dinner. However, you can taste a local beer or mulled wine while admiring the charming Krakow centre.

In case you got curious about Main Square monuments, you can read more about them here.

Must-see places

Most of Krakow's citizens, when asked about must-see places in their city, would mention Wawel Castle. Not surprising, as the towering over the city castle has been the luxurious mansion of polish kings over the centuries. Now, thanks to detailed and original exhibitions, we can compare our everyday life with the royal one. The mansion is surrounded by royal gardens, a courtyard which captivates us with an unforgettable view. Whole Wawel Hill constitutes the most historically and culturally significant site in Poland. Apart from the castle, the hill is built with Cathedral with catacombs, outer and arcaded courtyards (so alluring!). In case you are not interested in history and do not want to waste time for exhibitions. It is even worth taking a walk around the Castle court, with an amusing view of Vistula River.

Nightlife in Krakow

Krakow is well known around the Europeans as the nightlife mecca for party people. Whereas, it is not only by numerous clubs, rather thanks to the charming atmosphere of the city after dusk. The unique impression that stays in heart for years - these are words quite often used to describe Krakow. Why is it so charming? You need to come and see for yourself. Take a night walk through boulevards with a view of the city on one side and calmly flowing water of Vistula River on the other. To make up your impression, you can have a drink in one of the restaurants located in barges on the river. In case you want to taste a real nightlife, choose Kazimierz, here, in one of the pubs, you will find a place to party. Speaking about nightlife in Krakow we can not forget about iconic zapiekanki from okrąglak! It is a hot baguette with mushrooms, cheese and toppings of choice served in multiple locals placed in a round building in the middle of Kazimierz. This is one of the must-try food!

Krakow 2.png

For beautiful view admirers, Krakow has something special. On the other bank of the Vistula River, directly opposite to the Wawel Castle a quite exciting place is situated. Here, in a former hotel, we can find multiple restaurants with cuisine from around the world. These can be eaten outside, in unrepeatable places. Across the river, we can be watched by Wawel Castle, or we can admire its view. However, it is a great place to have a drink or dinner and a quick walk after. Just check Forum Przestrzenie.

Hint: in the nearby located amusement park you can watch Krakow from the Ferris wheel. Even late in the evening!

Some useful and practical advice

As you may know, to reach Krakow you need only to take not even two hours long flight. What's more - it is directly connected with almost every bigger city in the United Kingdom. These advantages make Krakow top direction for a weekend break.

Krakow airport

Krakow airport is located in Balice, hopefully, is well communicated with the Krakow centre so that you can reach your hotel with public communication. Trains and buses depart quite regularly, and tickets can be bought in machines located around the airport building or train station. Other alternatives are taxi (be careful, as it may be costly) and Krakow airport transfer. For more hints about urban transport, check this site.

Krkaow 3.png

Katowice Airport

In case your nearest airport flies only to Katowice, good news - Katowice (more precisely Pyrzowice, where the airport is located), is only 100 kilometres away from Krakow. There are also multiple possibilities of public transport; however, there is no direct connection. You can take a bus to Katowice and then train or even bus to Krakow Main Station (the nearest tram stop is called Teatr Slowackiego, which may be useful). Of course, you can try to take a taxi; nevertheless, it may be costly (it's over a hundred kilometres anyway). There are also a few offers of Katowice airport private transfer, which is quite affordable and what is more - direct.

I hope this article was both - useful and encouraging. These few words written about Krakow do not describe even a small part of possibilities. Do not worry - if you are interested in active ways of spending your holiday time, Krakow is ready for you too! This city full of delicious food, historical monuments and exciting events - you can check upcoming things here.

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