Convenient Tips on Budget Planning for Your Travels


28th Feb 2019 Travel

Saving money when planning a trip is sort of a given, but it is not enough to be considered a solid budget plan. You can create spreadsheets to help you budget for your trip, and you can lower your expenses before your travels so the extra money can go towards your travelling fund, and you can also use these convenient tips to help give your budget plan a bit of an edge and even boost it a little.


Tip 1

Categorise your spending expenditures; for instance, get an idea how much on average you will be spending on food, transportation, flying, etc for each Country on your travel itinarary. By researching this, you might also be able to find further tips and tricks on how to spend less so you can stay in each country longer. 

Tip 2

It's more expensive to fly on weekends - book flights in the middle of the week - it's likely to be much cheaper. 

Some countries are also more popular with tourists at certain times of the year which will increase both flight, hotel and local prices - look at visiting these countries during the quiet season. 

Tip 3

Traveling with a group is always a fun idea and there are a lot of advantages that come from traveling within a group. 

Think of all the fun memories you are going to create with them, all the inside jokes etc. In addition to creating life long memories and friends - it's also likely to make your travelling cheaper. From splitting cab rides to sharing delicious meals and treats during the day.  Splitting the price makes it easier for you and for them to spend more time together in the country you are in.

Tip 4

Setting your priorities straight from the beginning sounds very obvious, but tends to be overlooked and taken for granted.  Knowing your priorities, where you stand, and what you want out of this trip will help solidify your decisions.

For instance, if your main objective of the trip is to visit every museum there is in the country, you wouldn't then want to spend a lot of your budget in a fancy hotel? Having clear guidelines on your priorities will help you set the right budget plan, and get the most out of your trip.

Tip 5

Being aware of the currencies and the difference between your currency and the countries you are planning to travel to is necessary for your budget plan.  This will make all the difference, for instance, if you are traveling to a country where the pound is strong vs local currency then you'll be able to get more for less.   Visit a currency converter prior to your trip so you can get a better perspective on each country.

Tip 6

Emergency money or access to emergency money is a vital and essential part of planning when going on a trip. Make sure you always have a back up plan to access cash should you need to.