A mini guide to Norwich

BY Josh Ferry Woodard

1st Jan 2015 Travel

A mini guide to Norwich

From exciting foodie experiences to secret gardens and humorous walking tours, the Norwich city centre’s pedestrianised streets have a lot to offer. Here's our suggested itinerary for a trip to the 'fine city'. 

Alpha Papa tour

alan partridge
Image via BBC

Thanks to fictional radio DJ Alan Partridge, the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre is a hot topic of conversation in many British households.

Alan’s antics have become synonymous with the Norfolk city to the point that there is even a walking tour devoted to destinations he has encountered.

Book a place on the Partridge Pilgrimage and let expert guides lead you from the idyllic waters of the river Wensum, where incensed farmers dropped a dead cow onto Alan’s barge, to the cloisters of Norwich Cathedral, where the sports-casually dressed DJ screamed “300K or we take it to the sky!”

Of course, no tour of Alan’s world would be complete without an on-site discussion of Norwich’s pedestrian-friendly streets—the first of their kind in Britain. AHA!



Indulge in B’nou's concept food experience

B'nou's colourful interior

Whereas Alan would have you believe the best spot for food in Norwich is the Wild Bean Café at the BP petrol garage, the city actually boasts a diverse and exciting foodie scene.

Perhaps the most intriguing offering is Mediterranean concept restaurant B’nou, where there is no menu and only one sitting.

If you are lucky enough to bag yourself a table then come 7:30 the accommodating staff will start bringing out a selection of delicious small plates to your table.

Your job is to pick what you want and eat it. After around three hours your foodie journey concludes with a selection of sumptuous desserts.

For something more traditional: Grosvenor Fish Bar is a highly celebrated chippy, while The Reindeer pub serves up the best Sunday lunch in town.



Drink and catch a play at the Norwich Playhouse

Norwich playhouse
The quirky bar at the Norwich Playhouse

Norwich Playhouse is a 300 seat riverside theatre, set in a glorious 19th-century former malt house.

In addition to a world-class roster of contemporary shows and comedy acts, the intimate venue also boasts a buzzing bar.

Whether you have a ticket to a show or not, the Playhouse Bar is always a good shout for drink or two thanks to its cosy décor and laid-back vibe.



Explore the secret garden

plantation gardens

Hidden away just 600 yards from the city centre, the three-acre Victorian Plantation Garden is an oasis of green that most people pass without even noticing.

This charming garden was built by local eccentric Henry Trevor on an abandoned chalk quarry in the 19th century.

Pink, red and white petals catch your eye among lush green leaves weaving in and around delightful features such as a rustic bridge, an Italianate patio, a mock-Medieval wall and an impressive Gothic fountain.

There’s nowhere better in the city to sit down with a good book and get away from it all.


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