7 Ways to have better sex on holiday

BY Richard Mellor

15th Feb 2019 Travel

7 Ways to have better sex on holiday
Some of the most memorable nights of our lives take place during trips away—and here’s how to up your chances of better sex on holiday

1. Go somewhere hot

beach couple.jpg
This might seem obvious, but it bears saying. Go somewhere warm and that seductive feeling of sun on bare skin will help enliven your libido. Not to mention seeing more of your beau’s body.
There’s something sensual and, frankly, erotic about being bare-armed on balmy evenings, and sleeping under just a wispy sheet.
No wonder a survey by online sex-toy retailer Lovehoney found that we have more sex in the summer months—with July the peak procreation time—than in any other season.

2. Look good, feel good

look good.jpg
There’s a school of thought which runs like this: holidays are for relaxing, therefore wear relaxing clothes, therefore pack tracksuits and comfy undies.
This school of thought is erroneous. Holidays are for looking fabulous; the better you look, the more confident and sexy you’ll feel – and that will translate to your partner.
So pack your best garments, and park the velour.

3. Turn your phone off

Don't actually throw your phone in the sea...
Great sex is about intimacy and connection; a shared moment, with both participants fully engaged.
You can up your chances of that by concentrating on connection throughout. Could those emails wait? Probably. Are those show-offy Instagram posts vital? Unlikely. 
Holidays for two can be special times, but it helps to make an effort, and put your opposite number first. Do that, and your bedroom time will be much the more memorable.

4. Make some space

walk alone.jpg
All that being said, seven days or two weeks alone with someone can be hard; few of us are wired to get through that without the odd resentment.
Some brief separation can reap rewards—not only does absence make the heart grow fonder, and all that, but individual adventures can boost conversation later, and you’ll both emerge refreshed from a little me-time. And refreshment equals better play time.
Just be sure to propose this subtly, and not to imply that you’re desperate to escape. That won’t go down well.

5. Go romantic

couples facial.jpg
Vacations, especially at nice hotels, offer all sorts of unusual experiences for lovers. 
See if your chosen base runs private, side-by-side couples massages, for instance, or can arrange private champagne picnics on a distant sandbar, or perhaps dinner on your own villa’s balcony. Such things always help as aphrodisiacs… 

6. Top-notch sleep

good sleep.jpg
In the past decade, hotels have zeroed in on improving the quality of guests’ sleep, be that via blackout blinds or white-noise tracks.
One focus area, predictably, is on bed quality. Memory-foam mattresses and pillow menus are increasingly available, and can make a real difference.
Everyone knows, after all, that morning sex is the best sex. Factor in a holiday lie-in, the prospect of an indulgent buffet breakfast and the benefit of a wonderful night’s sleep, and who knows how good said nookie might become? 

7. Try something new

Travelling is all about seeing new things, so why not try new things too? If there’s a sex position you’ve been desperate to try, perhaps this super-king-size bed is the ideal venue. 
Maybe you’ve always fantasised about sex outdoors, under the stars or in tropical shallows? Whatever your pleasure, there’s unlikely to be a better chance to take the plunge.
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