10 Things you need to know about luxury river cruising


1st Jan 2015 Travel

10 Things you need to know about luxury river cruising

River cruising is growing in popularity. 2014 saw 140,000 UK passengers take a river cruise holiday, the fourth successive year of growth for the UK river cruise market. 

Just like hotels, there are many different styles of river cruising, from 3-star up to 5-star, but what makes a river cruise luxury? Here are 10 things you need to know about luxury river cruises. 


1. Chauffeur to the airport anyone?

chauffeur to the airport

When you book a luxury river cruise you will be collected from your home by a white-gloved and suited chauffeur, and whisked away to the airport.

Imagine not having the hassle of airport parking, getting the transfer bus and forgetting where you parked. Let your chauffeur drop you off at the front of the terminal and collect you on your return.


2. Airport lounge access

Airport lounge

After you have checked in, relax in the peace and tranquillity of a VIP airport lounge making full use of the complimentary Wi-Fi, food, snacks, newspapers, magazine and comfy seats.

It's a world away from the hustle and bustle of the overcrowded terminal.


3. Scheduled flights and transfers

Scheduled flights and transfers

Take comfort in the knowledge that you will be flying on a scheduled airline, rather than a low-cost carrier that could land miles from the town or where the ship is docked.

With a luxury river cruise, you will be met at the airport and escorted to your transfer bus for the trip to your river. No taxis or public buses required.


4. Luxurious accommodation

river cruise accommodation

Today’s modern luxury river ships have really pushed the boat out when it comes to cabins.

No longer does your bed pull down from the wall with the only light coming from a dingy porthole. Now you can enjoy the majestic views from a teak balcony, make full use of your butler, flip a switch for a TV to descend from the ceiling and get a perfect night’s sleep on a sumptuous bed fitted with Egyptian cotton bed linens. 


5. Included tours and small tour groups

small tour groups luxury cruise

All your tours are included on your luxury river cruise, so you don’t have to fork out for any once on board.

Plus you will not be herded in large groups—tours tend to be smaller and more personal.


6. Choice of tours

Choice of tours

Many luxury river cruises now include a choice of tours and private invites to stately homes and castles—not available to anyone else.

Enjoy a private opera recital in Vienna or an exclusive cocktail reception at a German Castle.


7. Quality of food

quality of food

Only the finest ingredients are used in creating delicious culinary offerings on your luxury river cruise, served by well-spoken charming waiters.

Your table is set with fresh tablecloths, crystal glasses and fine china to enhance each and every meal.


8. Alternative dining

Couple with chef

Why dine in the main dining room, when you can choose a more exclusive alternative?

Indulge in a feast at the chef's table or a specially prepared epicurean treat where each course is paired with a wine from the region you are sailing in.


9. Drinks

Woman on cruise with cocktail

All beverages are included in your luxury river cruise, so you do not have to pay for drinks once onboard. Enjoy a G&T on the deck at sunset or a pre-dinner cocktail—it’s all included.


10. Tipping

Tipping on a cruise

No-one likes the awkwardness of tipping at the end of a holiday, so on a luxury river cruise all your gratuities will be included, taking away the uncertainty and leaving you happy in the knowledge that the crew and staff have been rewarded appropriately.


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