Trending on Twitter: 10 of the best celebrities to follow


1st Jan 2015 Technology

Trending on Twitter: 10 of the best celebrities to follow

Twitter was first created in 2006, and since then, it's become one of the most popular social networks in the world. Almost everyone is on Twitter, from the neighbours' kids to your weird uncle. That's everyone, including celebrities; with Twitter, we now have an insight into their lives - and some of them are hilarious!


1. Rob Delaney (@robdelaney)


Rob is an American comedic actor who recently co-wrote and starred in the Channel 4 comedy "Catastrophe"; he is also well-known for his controversial but laugh-out-loud Twitter feed. He's followed by over one million people, so he must be doing something right!


2. Sir Alan Sugar (@Lord_Sugar)


If your favourite thing to laugh at is dry put-downs and a heavy dose of football jokes, Sir Alan is your man. He's probably best known for his historic Twitter rows with Piers Morgan, which gain thousands of retweets and replies. 

3. Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran)


He may be a heart-throb among teenage girls, but he's a hoot and a half when it comes to social media, so it's no wonder that his follower count boasts a whopping 13 million. He recently tweeted: "had my phone stolen from backstage in Argentina which sucks, so I'm only contactable via a carrier pigeon called Gus". If you're into kooky humour, Ed's your guy.

4. Anna Kendrick (@AnnaKendrick47)


Anna is an American actress and star of the upcoming movie Pitch Perfect 2, but acting is not where her talents end. She has us rolling on the floor with laughter with some of her tweets! Take her recent tweet: "We should be thanking Apple for launching the $10,000 'apple watch' as the new gold standard in douchebag detection" as a good example of what you can expect from her.


5. Kanye West (@kanyewest)


Some love Kanye, some hate him, but nobody can deny that his Twitter feed is the place to be for a laugh or three. You can be sure to find a lot of capital letters and many a bizarre statement, but it's all worth it because hey, it's Kanye.

6. Katie Hopkins (KTHopkins)


OK, if you think Kanye divides people, you haven't seen anything yet. Katie Hopkins is without a doubt the most controversial lady in the Twittersphere right now. Despite her constant provocative statements and general ability to make our blood boil, she does occasionally come out with a good joke. Besides, if you're not following Katie, you'll never be able to keep up with the office gossip.


7. Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)


This one is simple, if you're not following Lady Gaga, you're not getting to see what she gets up to. Believe me, you don't want to miss out on the Gaga.

8. Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais)


Ricky's Twitter feed is completely hilarious, and he's well-known for biting back at the trolls who insult him. He's not just about the funny though, he's also an active animal rights campaigner - we love the balance!


9. Russell Brand (@rustyrockets)


Whether or not you agree with his political statements, you can't not follow Mr Brand on Twitter. He's funny, occasionally random but always has something interesting to say about what's going on in the world. 


10. Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) 


We'll end this list with everybody's favourite national treasure, Stephen Fry. We love following Stephen, we think it keeps us clever! He's constantly posting intellectual content and always has his eye on the ball, plus he's a self-confessed Twitter addict, so it's never quiet in his corner of the internet.


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