The realistic gaming in virtual reality


14th Oct 2019 Technology

As the spaces are getting concise and the time is valued more than money, the experts are always looking for something out of the box that makes people halt towards them. This time, they have stumbled upon the revolutionary idea of introducing virtual reality as the new game-changer.
VR is the latest hot topic of discussion on Channel Bytes, where it provides the exact opportunities of its applications in real time exactly what the tech-geeks needs. Also, its application in gaming brings about the new experience and thrill, at the same time slacking off space as well as time and providing experiences that were way beyond our imagination a few years back.

The feeling of imagination turning real 

These real-time experience in VR gaming includes a variety of games specially designed for the better user proficiencies and additional gadgets are added for the better feels while playing. The accessories for enhancing the virtual reality include VR headsets, wrap-around display the rooms specially designed for the VR experience, scents and haptics for tactile feeds. As of now, we are limited upon the visual and auditory senses rather than tactile, temperature, smell and fatigue but rapid changes are occurring all together. With the arrival of new technology, equipped with minute ultra-thin pneumatic actuators the exceptional real-time touch sensation has replaced haptics which doesn’t feel real.

The current situation of VR in gaming 

After the presentation of the ultra-thin touch enhancing technology, A major limitation between the touch and visual sense has been broken which makes the Virtual experience even more genuine. The magnificent graphics can be visualized, felt and experienced in real-time among the multi-players which provides an out of the world experience which can’t be experienced ever in the real world. Channel Bytes is an explanatory platform where experienced real-time tech geeks offer exceptional information regarding the revolutionary changes that spotlights the unexceptional future of VR.

Qualities of the good gaming system

 As we try to make our experiences more real in virtual reality, it becomes challenging for us to choose the best between the average. The potential of a good gaming system incorporates: 
  1. Ability to move around the room for a better experience. Wireless technology will be more user-friendly
  2. Excellent camera for the better graphics enhancement
  3. Swift technology for real-time experiences and to avoid lags during the game
  4. Secure and fitted accessories to wear for an enhanced experience
  5. A list of highly entertaining games
  6. The comfortable gear for spectacles wearing players
  7. It comes with good connectivity and a nausea-free experience
Some of the best VR technology headset includes Homido virtual reality headset, Sulon Q, Microsoft Hololens, etc. 

Rapidly changing the present into a better future

The rapid changes are being made in VR enhancement to stimulate as many senses as possible. the boundaries for the touch are now efficiently broken as well, there are still some senses that are left unexplored and require attention such as temperature, scents, etc that remain unexplored. Also, the competency to be different than others gives way towards the endless opportunities and towards a very promising future where every image will be turned real.

Make every penny count

With every change in technology a new opportunity for income arises. Although the prices are high for the VR technology at present, it is bound to get lowered in the coming years to sustain within the market as new introductions will be made.

Final comments 

Although, the VR is rapidly exceeding beyond what we can imagine, there are still many opportunities that can enhance the user experience and opens the new opportunity and experiences turning scenarios both within and outside our imagination into Virtual Reality.