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The Christmas gadget gift guide

BY Olly Man

1st Jan 2015 Technology

The Christmas gadget gift guide

There’s a hi-tech present for everyone—and every budget—this Christmas.

Under £75


Amazon Fire TV stick

RRP £35

amazon fire

Tired of watching Transparent on a tablet perched precariously on your knees?

Shove this dongle into your telly and, hey presto, view iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video on the big screen (provided you have a HMDI port and decent wi-fi), using the remote control included.

Then, cart your dust-gathering DVD box sets off to the charity shop and put your feet up.


August MS515 portable Bluetooth speakers

RRP £45

  August MS515 Portable  Bluetooth Speakers

What’s a better stocking filler than a Bluetooth speaker?

Why, two, of course! This pair of rechargeable triangular speakers create cracking stereo sound from your smartphone.

Each about the size of a drinks can, they’re a little too large to function as travel speakers and not truly wireless (the left and right speakers are connected via cable.) But for a home office or man cave, they’re the perfect combination of discretion, style and power.

You can also find the August stereo speaker here.

£75 to £250


Fitbit Charge HR

RRP £99

Fitbit charge HR

Casual joggers and full-on fitness freaks alike will welcome this sports wristband that tracks your calorie-burning, regardless of whether you’re mid-marathon or simply stepping out to the shops.

Summaries of  your heart rate and sleep patterns automatically sync with the included app, so you can monitor your stats.


JR 8000 S whole fruit slow juicer

RRP £200

JR 8000 S Whole fruit

Ready for “slow juicing”? If you’re the kind of guy who got stuck into the phenomenon of “slow food” a few years back and spend your summers slowly turning over a joint of meat on the barbeque, the answer is probably “yes”, even if you don’t know it yet.

This is the slimmest machine on the market, and turns whole fruits, vegetables and nuts to delicious liquid with admirable ease, wringing every last drop of juice from raw ingredients.

Modern men, you see, make their own almond milk.


£250 plus


iPhone 6S

RRP £539

iPhone 6s

Inside Apple’s latest phone lurks their fastest-ever processor and a new way to interact with apps, by “pushing” the screen instead of tapping.

Videos  are now 4K, the screen doubles as a flash for stronger selfies and the Live Photos feature captures moving footage with each image taken. 


Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF7 

RRP £429.99

panasonic lumix

Gorgeous retro stylings, rapid response times and a tilting touchscreen for selfies—there’s very little one could want from a pocket-sized snapper that this 16MP delight doesn’t deliver.

True, video resolution is Full HD rather than 4K, but that’s what keeps the price under £500. And the photo quality—the most important measure, after all,
in most people’s minds —is closer to digital SLR standards than those you’d normally see from a compact.

A picture-perfect winner.

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